4 Web Designing Trend You Just Can’t Ignore In 2019


Over the years, the world of technology has evolved in a big way; making more lives a lot of easier and more comfortable. This is because nowadays, we can obtain as much information anytime, shopping and do a lot more with thousands and thousands of website hosted over the World Wide Web.

Now, coming from a business perspective, there is an ocean of opportunities to translate their dreams into an online reality. However, this isn’t as breezy easy as you probably are thinking of it, web designing is a really important factor that makes a big difference. In fact, it drives a fine line between a successful and struggling company. If you want to establish an impressive website that converts like crazy, then you must take a look at the five top trends that web designers Essex follow in 2019-

  • Flat Design

It is a simple yet popular approach which is gaining worldwide dominance. This approach involves typical two-dimensional illustrations, clean spacing and vibrant colours. One of the big reasons the flat design is the most sought-after trend preferably because of its low loading time.  As illustrations are quite basic, the website doesn’t take much time to load. Now, considering the UX design, the overall style is quite efficient.

  • Animated Gifs

The animated gifs are another trend which is creating a lot of buzz. In today’s time, people don’t have much to read through the entire information placed on the website. This is where you need to add animated gifs to get your business message clear across your web visitors. The gifs have an uncanny ability to great an appealing image for your business in a short span of time. The best thing about the animated gifs that they are compatible with multiple devices, be it smartphones or tablets.

  • Machine Learning & Bots

These days, the bots are the most advanced technology that answers the queries of customers over the internet. The machine learning, for instance, Google put forth a number of relevant queries when you type a few letters over the browser. It will auto-complete the sentence in an efficient manner.

  • White Space

Nowadays, white space is a big trend, less is more. Today, you will find websites with a lot of empty spaces; this helps them easily differentiate the different sections on the website. So, it’s a great idea to have white space on the website.

Like this, another crucial debate going over the internet is the choice of designing software, is the sketch vs photoshop. Each of the software has its own set of pros and cons.

Take your time to research well to reach out to one of the most dependable web designers Essex to create a great design for your website.

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