Guide on SAC codes and its description

What Is A SAC Code?

A SAC code is defined as a system of classification that is introduced by the Service Tax Department of India in order to categorize various services conveniently. These codes are used for proper classification so that it benefits taxation, better estimation and identification of services. The codes issued by the Service Tax Department are operated by the Central Board Of Excise and Customs (CBEC).

Services and Accounting Codes are related to an internationally recognised system, that is the Harmonized System of Nomenclature for classifying all the services. It benefits the government by providing them with a common structure that assists accurate collaboration of data related to sale and purchase and also supports proper analysis.

In case the turnover of a service provider is more than Rs 1.5 crores, the SAC code should be mentioned in an invoice. During GSTR filings, an individual can state the SAC code for automated form filling as it saves time and money.

Classifying The Different SAC Codes

There are different SAC code GST rates based on Legal, Accounting and Professional Services that are fixed by the GST council. The GST rates for different services drop under 0% or 5%, 12%, 18% or 28% slab. All the individuals and professionals who fall under the taxable community should acquire GST registration. Let’s take a look at the different SAC code GST rates depending on Legal, Accounting and Professional Services in India:

SAC Codes Based On Legal Services:

SAC Code 998211 – Legal advisory and services that concern criminal law

SAC Code 998212 – Legal advisory that deals with other fields of law

SAC Code 998213 – Legal documentation that deals with copyrights and property rights

SAC Code 998214 – Legal documentation that concerns other documents

SAC Code 998215 – Arbitration services

SAC Code 998216 – Other legal services

SAC Codes Based On Accounting Services:

SAC Code 998221 – Services concerning financial auditing

SAC Code 998222 – Services that are concerned with accounting and bookkeeping

SAC Code 998223 – Services that are concerned with payroll

SAC Code 998224 – Other services similar to accounting.

The SAC code GST rate is 18%.

SAC Codes Based On Tax Consultancy

SAC Code 998231 – Services concerning corporate tax consulting

SAC Code 998232 – Services that are concerned with individual tax preparation

The SAC code GST rate is 18%

SAC Codes Based On Professional Services

SAC Code 998391 – Services based on interior designing, fashion designing and other designing areas

SAC Code 998392 – Services based on original designs

SAC Code 998393 – Services based on scientific and technical consulting

SAC Code 998394 – Compilation of facts and details

SAC Code 998395 – Services based on translation

SAC Code 998396 – Services based on trademarks

SAC Code 998397 – Services based on sponsorship and promotion of the brand

SAC Code 998399 – Other professional service

The GST rate for professional services is also 18%.

SAC Codes Based On Insolvency Services

SAC Code 998240 – Services based on receivership

The GST rate for these services is 18%.

The SAC code GST rates for different services help the dealers, individuals and businessmen obtain a clear understanding of the tax that is levied on the services that they offer or receive. Businesses who provide services should make use of the SAC codes while filing GSTR. Since the current services in India are GDP driven jobs, it is crucial for every individual to have knowledge about the SAC codes. It is also methodical for the businesses to classify the different services as per the SAC codes as it is easier to codify all the products. Therefore, the SAC codes and GST rates are a very authentic way to classify services.


Will You Benefit from a Robo Advisor?

Robo advisors are highly useful tools that benefit many people. However, that doesn’t mean they’re good for absolutely everybody. There are certain factors that you must consider before going ahead with any plans. Take a look!

Check out this robo advisors comparison.

1 – Account Options

Not all Robo advisors will take on personal accounts. Some are set up for businesses, some for trusts, and so on. Make sure you check what type of accounts you can use before selecting a Robo advisor.

2 – Investment Requirements

The majority of Robo advisors actually require very little minimum spend. Typically, this is around $500; sometimes a little less. That being said, there are also higher-end Robo advisors that require closer to $5000 for you to get started. Make sure you choose one that fits your investment goals adequately.

3 – Portfolio Requirements

When you work with a Robo advisor, it requires you to answer certain questions in order to determine the style of investment that you would prefer. These questions range from quite simple to aggressive answers. It is highly important that you answer these questions well as you may end up investing in a much fiercer way than you intended.

If you do not wish to provide answers to these questions, there are other ways. Typically, this includes talking to an actual person before setting up your account. The choice is yours.

4 – Investment Options

Robo advisors gain investment knowledge through low-cost exchange-traded funds or ETFs. These funds copy that of basic indexes. You are required to pay the fees for these funds as well as the management costs of the Robo advisor.

So long as you’re willing and able to pay these fees, your Robo advisor will do what it can to get your investment through at the best possible reward. If you think you can handle all this, then a Robo advisor may be just right for you!

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Picking the Right Tax Accountant for your Business

The tax season is the perfect time to hire a great CPA to advise and prepare your tax return. If you already have a CPA, you may want to evaluate whether they are an asset to your business and fully addressing your business’ current and future needs. Hiring a tax accountant Athens GA is especially important if you have a complicated business tax situation.

Tax Accountant

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant

A great accountant can help you save money and prevent costly mistakes. They ensure you don’t’ waste your valuable time managing your finances. Whether you are hiring an expert to file your taxes or do year-round bookkeeping, an accountant will save you from making costly mistakes that could derail the growth of your business.

Furthermore, an experienced accountant can also help you pick the right business structure and accounting method. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine what your legal structure should look like. Your options include limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorship or traders. Also, your accountant helps you decide the kind of accounting method to use. Often, new organizations use this method for recording revenue and expenses when making payments. But, the IRS may require the use of accrual accounting if your business sells a product or have inventory.

How to Choose an Accountant

There are many accountants out there and you must choose the right one for your business to avoid headaches later. The tips below can help you make your final decision:

·  Get referrals. Referrals can be a great way to find a trusted and reputable accountant. Consider asking family, friends, and other business owners to get valued information like how to hire and how not to hire as well as the pricing models.

·  Consider a local accounting firm. Reputable local accounting firms can give your taxes an added advantage. These firms can help you with both federal and state tax returns, so you can maximize your saving and avoid overpaying.

·  Ask the right questions. When meeting with an accountant, ask about the kinds of licenses or designations they have and their experience. Ensure to know how long they have been in business and their specialties. Also, you must ask about their fees and how long it will take to get your taxes done.

Moreover, it is important to ask about their communication style. Keep in mind that communication is key in any relationship, including one with your possible accountant. Ask about how your interactions with them would like. Even if you differ in communication preferences, make sure you can meet in the middle.

·  Consider their personality. Finding a certified person is just half the battle. You must also pick an accountant who has a personality you are comfortable with. Choose an experienced accountant who can break down complex details and help you understand them. They should give timely responses. Remember that you will be giving a stranger access to all of your personal and business information, so trust your gut. Ensure the accountant has a solid reputation to maintain because this ensures they won’t mess with your business.


How to Be a Better Technical CFD Trader

There are hundreds of questions that can arise in a CFD trader’s mind while trading. He has to be cautious of the market’s current state and upcoming potential trend. He has to forecast and track down which way the market will move. Technical traders need to answer all these questions and look into different factors to find out those answers. Over the years, experts and professionals have recognized and outlined different market principles applicable to technical analysis.

Be a Better Technical Forex Trader

Here are some practical tips that will enable CFD traders to define different instruments necessary for analysis.  They will also help traders to dig out opportunities and favorable trades.

Let’s get dive deep into them

1. The Volume is More Important than the Price

An often misjudged yet crucial trading rule is that traders should take volumes more important than price. Following volume, a trader can get the right signal about the market’s movement. Indications given by the volumes are highly reliable. Experts follow signals provided by volumes even for confirmed trends.

During bullish times, massive volumes will be observed. The reason behind such bulk volume is the support provided by different funds. A plummeting volume is a warning of a potential downtrend. By observing a volume, investors can avoid joining a trade just before the starting of a downtrend. Remember, trading is not an easy game. You have to use the right tools and for that you need to choose a broker like Saxo. Visit the website here and soon you will get an idea of how the premium tools can help you in trading.

2. Using an ADX Indicator

ADX indicators are useful in detecting a trend. The index helps measure the momentum of a movement or a market’s direction. A rising ADX line is a reliable indication of a bullish trend. Conversely, a downward ADX line is a general indication of a trading market. An ADX line advises traders on which market indicators to deploy to work out the state of a market.

Like a rising line of ADX tells a trader to use moving averages, when a falling one is more of a suggestion for using oscillators.

3. Exploit MACD

MACD is an indicator that works along with an oscillator converging in the moving-average system. It may sound quite problematic already. When both lines of a MACD are above zero, and a slower one is crossed below by a faster one, it is a good sign for selling.

In opposition, when the two lines are below zero, and the slower one gets passed by the faster one, signal an ideal buying moment.


Oscillators for their accuracy in providing with the right indications are very popular to the traders. Especially for the newcomers, oscillators are like lifesavers. They help investors to locate an oversold or overbought market.

They will tell a trader about a long-celebrated direction and its after-turn. Among many kinds of oscillators, the most used ones are the RSI and the Stochastic. Both of them are pretty straight forward and beginner-friendly to use.

4. Moving Averages

No discussion about the technical analyses of Forex will be completed until it includes a portion for moving averages. Moving averages indicate every change of the price. Though their given signals are nearly accurate, the regrettable part is, they don’t signal in advance.

The most practiced method is to count two moving averages to find a signal. In this method, people track one shorter and one long line and find the places where they cross each other.

Drawing Tools

Learning to draw trade lines would be of great use for the technical analysts. The process is not so hard. For a bullish trend, they have to recognize two juxtaposing lows and draw with them. The opposite will be applicable to downtrends.

By learning and practicing drawing these trends, a person can easily get a clear idea of all kinds of the markets and their varied natures.


All You Need To Know About Nysearca And Nysearca Stock News

An electronic securities exchange of the U.S. for trading equities and exchange-traded products (ETPs), NYSE Arca was formed in 2006 after the acquisition of Archipelago by NYSE.

This exchange is well known for ETP listings, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange trade vehicles, and exchange-traded notes. Investors can also take part in closing and opening auctions in exchange trade funds and also put orders mid-point which find a place somewhere between ask price and the bid.

More about drip:

A drip, on the other hand, is a dividend reinvestment plan where reinvestment is of cash dividends so that more stock in the company could be purchased. A technique used dollar-cost averaging is used by the DRIPs to average the price at which the investors would want to buy stock as it goes high or low. One of the main features of the DRIPs is that they help the investors in accumulating more and more shares at low costs owing to the absence of brokerage fees or commissions.


Currently, in the nysearca drip or drip stock news at are the highlights of it being badly affected due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Most of the investors are aware that the problems are going to be the lasting ones. There are issues of slowdown, NPA is facing other issues, while some of the sectors are going to be bellied up virtually and on the other hand, some might lose everything. As on March 26, 2019, the best player has been that of the energy sector.

Most of the investors are advised to neither look for this as an opportunity right away, as even if they try to make an advantage, it might not be a very big one. Also, nobody should cut off the SIPs right now as fund managers all over the world have huge amounts invested in the stock market.

As of today, the nysearca drip or Nyse vmw stock news at is at 211.70 USD at 11:29, with the opening at 246.28. The previous close had been at 239.44.

Final verdict:

For more information on the current situation of the US securities exchange stock market, as it is predominantly purported to have been crashed due to economic crisis resulting from the global pandemic at a time when the global economy was facing some serious issues, you should keep yourselves updated by following a reliable stock prices reporting website. If you want more updates from nysearca stock news, you should check a stock price reporting website as it keeps you updated with the latest real-time quotes.