The motive behind investing in ELSS based funds

The main reason why we invest money is not to work hard our entire life. Till a certain age we work and then plan to reap in the rewards of our investments made in our heydays. The fruits of investment can be achieved by smart investing. A couple of ways you can achieve this, by investing smart and making it work for you. In case if you intend to make money by keeping it in your bag it does not work that way as money does not multiply. There are various avenues where you can make an investment in stocks. How to invest in ELSS has drawn in a lot of attention of late.

For an equity investor they are cautious of losing money in the stock market. When it is about smart investing means you save money and invest in profitable ventures. In case if you are having long term investment goals then mutual funds are the best source to drive you towards that goal. The main benefit of direct mutual fund app investment is capital appreciation. A better financial instrument providing you with better than inflation returns. Over a short period of time you can accumulate a lot of wealth.

The moment you plan an investment in mutual funds it is spread across various sectors cutting down the chances of loses in future. In case some stocks underperform it is compensated by the over performing stocks. In your overall portfolio risk is reduced. Even you might be having a well-diversified portfolio you cannot escape from all risks.

Each and anyone can invest in ELSS via SIP. It is possible to invest even with Rs 500 a month. You can provide an option of ECS where money would get deducted automatically from your account. This paves way for a habit of continuous saving with investment.

For whom ELSS options are suitable?

ELSS suits someone who has just started out their career but their income is taxable. They could be paying taxes in a traditional investment and might not be aware about ELSS. There is no age limit as far as ELSS is concerned. You can start when you are young or even when you are aged if you are willing to take some degree of risk. This is also a form of investment for people who are not keen to put all their eggs in a single basket. Now let us explore some of the benefits of ELSS fund

  • With appreciation of capital, a long term investment option
  • An ideal form of investment for persons who belong to any form of economic background
  • It is possible to do investment quickly and in an easy manner
  • With the concept of compounding interest you are able to earn multiple returns
  • No maximum time limit for investment

To conclude ELSS not only helps you to save taxes but helps you to achieve your long term investment goals. As compared to traditional investment option ELSS offers a higher rate of return.


Hire an Accountant: Use Your Time to Focus on Making the Business Profitable

You don’t have to spend the hours that you devote to accounting and bookkeeping in your business unless you absolutely want to. If company owners were honest, they would tell you that they’d rather have a professional handle these tasks so that, as owner, they could focus on making the business more productive and more profitable. However, many of those same individuals will tell you that they continue to do this work themselves or have someone handle it in-house because they can’t afford to hire the pros.

More Profitable?

There’s plenty of evidence that hiring experienced accountant services in Halesowen is the wise decision. Putting your accounting and bookkeeping work in more capable hands can maximise profitability for your company. You’ll have more time to improve production, enhance efficiency, and to focus on those details that you’re truly interested in.

Talk to the specialists today about the extensive range of services offered, including:

  • Accurate, reliable bookkeeping
  • Efficient, timely payroll services
  • Experienced help with revenue and customs correspondence
  • Dependable tax advice and assistance

Start Here

If you’re not sure just how to get started with this service, make one phone call to schedule an initial consultation – no obligation, no fee. This will be the perfect time to learn more about the array of services available. Your professional will also take this time to learn about your business and your personal requirements.

You can be the wise business owner and call the expert for accounting solutions, all individually tailored to fit the specific needs of your company.


What Everybody Ought To Know About Bike Insurance

So, you bought a new bike, right? Now you have to make sure that your vehicle serves you to protect yourself and other people from the risk of accidents. To do so, the first thing you should do is protect the bike itself. By safeguarding here, we mean financial protection that will allow you to repair the damage or to compensate for it, or to enable you or others to pay for the necessary medical care following an accident.

In this guide on bike insurance, we will discuss all the things you need to know to choose and subscribe safely to bike insurance. The insurance world can sometimes appear to be complicated, so we will try to explain the bike insurance in the simplest form possible.

The Secret Guide to Bike Insurance

Here are the topics covered:

# Is it mandatory to purchase bike insurance?

The answer is yes “. Any biker must purchase bike insurance. Legally speaking, even if your bike sleeps in the back of a car park, the third party liability cover is mandatory.

The insurance to the third party makes it possible to compensate for the damages caused to a third party, for example, those damages caused to the cars or the other bikes or human life. Note that not to have bike insurance in India is liable to a fine up to INR 1,000 or imprisonment up to 3 months or both.

# The cost and price of bike insurance
The cost and price of your bike insurance will vary depending on several factors.

Some factors on which the premium of your bike insurance is dependent upon are the registration city of your bike, installation of anti-theft devices, eligibility of no claim bonus, manufacturing year of your bike, accessories and modifications done, fuel type, type of bike insurance opted for, etc.
Then, the tariff will depend on the add-ons or riders chosen. Finally, the price of your bike insurance will depend on the bike make and model to insure. Mostly sporty models and the big engines cost more to insure than the others. Also, note that the age of the vehicle is taken into account, new motorcycles require more to insure.

Bike Insurance Secrets

Choosing bike insurance is not apparent as there are offers, formulas and insurance companies. The secret to buying the best bike insurance is first to define your needs and the level of protection you want. Here is your step by step guide to breaking this secret to bike insurance:

# Know how to define your needs?

In order to define your needs, you ought to know the usage of your bike that you would be making. Are you going to use your bike every day or once or twice a month? Is it for short trips or long journeys? In town or off the road? The more you use your bike for long journeys and busy city roads, the more it is recommended to use comprehensive bike insurance that uses the all-risk formula.

While analysing your needs, remember that when you ride a bike or a scooter, you are well exposed to accidents. A biker can be very careful, but he is not immune to a driver with more unwanted behavior. So choosing between third-party or all-risk insurance is an outstanding choice. It must be done with full knowledge of the facts.

# What is the bike model to ensure?

If you have bought a second-hand bike that no longer fears anything, no need for very protective bike insurance. Its premium over 2 to 4 years will cost you more than the purchase price of your bike. On the contrary, if you have just purchased a brand new all gleaming Hero Passion Pro or a Harley Davidson, do not be too stingy about your insurance and take the bike insurance that pays well the accidents, losses, and theft.

No doubt, third party insurance is the mandatory minimum, and it is the cheapest formula, but it is also the one that covers you the least in case of accidents. Opting for comprehensive bike insurance is often recommended for bikers given the dangerous mode of traffic.

# Which insurance provider you should choose?

Finally, you will need to determine with which insurance company you want to buy your bike insurance. To choose it, the easiest way is to call either a broker or go for an online bike insurance comparator. The latter will give you options of different bike insurers under one roof. All you need to do is, compare different policies offered by different insurers, select one and then finally fill out the bike insurance form. If you are not comfortable with this service, you can also visit the websites of the insurers directly.

Getting cheap bike insurance with the coverages you need when you are young is difficult, however, if you compare you can get it. To find it you will need to ask for a quote from all insurers, and with this process becomes more comfortable. If you compare bike insurance with, you can check policies according to their price, conditions, and coverages, which mean you, get all the essential details in just a few clicks.


Money Lenders In Singapore

Money lenders are of many types, who give money on collateral basis or who give money by having faith in you. Since you might need money for various reasons like personal loan or for any other reasons, the procedures are different for all these types of loans. There are some companies that give loan on some upfront that is you pay them some money before you take a loan and this gives the lender the guarantee that you will return the money. This is not the proper way of giving out loans. There are other type of lenders who take it real smooth and easy, and are very friendly in giving out loans. These company just ask you to apply for a loan, and then wait for the approval call and fill some easy documents and get your money. This is how loan should be taken these days. Many companies are trying to adopt this type of giving loans but are finding it hard to recover their old loans.

But if you live in Singapore, It is going to be real hard to get loans because there are not many good lenders out there in the market and charge exorbitant rates of interest and are make it very hard to pay the money back, and you directly or indirectly lose all your property. But some money lenders like Clovis1stCredit Money Lender SG give you the easiest and the hassle free type of loan. They also provide Personal Loans and Long Term Credit loans, while you need money very quickly, they provide loans in just 4 Easy steps

  • Go to their site and enter the amount of loan you need
  • Wait for a phone call for approval of the loan
  • Visit them and fill some easy documents
  • Get your money

This is the way that Clovis1stCredit provides their loans. This is the simplest way of providing loan and thus makes them the Money Lenders in SG. Personal loans to foreign loans, everything under one roof and very quickly, this is what they do for a living, they enjoy giving loans and help their customers a lot. If you are looking for a loan or if you are out of cash, just consider taking a loan and then repay them with ease, because they charge less rate of interest, so eventually taking a loan is easy these days, you just have to find the best lenders.

When you cannot take loan from informal sources, or the informal sources are exhausted, where do you go? The best way is to go to financial institutions, because they never go out of money and always have something or the other with them for their borrowers.

Money is the most important thing in life, It not only gives you power but also shows your level in the society.Since if you want money real urgent and at that point of time your friends or your parents cannot help you, what do you do? You directly or indirectly depend on money lenders or loan sharks. They provide you money anytime you want but with a rate of interest.


In Which Way Can a Business Loan Help My Business Out

As more than just a few of you out there are already well aware, business loans are an amount of cash that is transferred from the a lender to the borrower. That borrower is usually a business instead of a person and the lender is typically a bank.

The lender has set terms of interest rates and the repayment schedule, to which the borrower must agree to. Lenders provide different types of loans, and can arrange both secured and unsecured loans.

  • Secured loans will require some collateral in the form of the business or in the borrower’s personal property, as in a home or something else which is financially outstanding.

Reasons for a Loan and Lifeline Assistance

There are a number of reasons why a business wishes to take out a loan. A business may be thinking of expanding, offering new services, or making some large or small purchases.

Some lenders even provide bad credit business loans with a guaranteed approval, which are a lifeline to anyone who really wishes to get ahead in business but thinks that they can’t..

  • They may ask to evaluate the present success of a company and its possible future ability to indeed be profitable, and will also judge the credit history.

Should a business be new and looking for a start-up loan, this may be slightly more difficult to assess, and might mean a loan will only be granted if the company’s owner has a superb personal history of credit.


There may be some demanding conditions given to those people who wish to borrow. They might have to show just how they can easily pay back any loan. Should the loan be more of a speculation, it might be easier to seek out investors or relatives and friends who are willing to take the risk, and then lend or buy into the business.

  • It will be beneficial for any company to have started with business loans or lines of credit, because then that same company will then begin to build its very own personal credit history.

Banks and other lenders will be looking at both credit ratings and inspecting any profits and future profits that can be made with new investment from the business loan.

Make Sure to Do Some Research and See What is Available

For anyone who is actively on the lookout for the ideal business loan for either developing or continuing a small business, there are simply no reasons at all, why you can’t get online and do some research and look for a trustworthy loan service that provide you with the dream loan.

You can, from the comfort of your lovely home, easily get online, and with just a few clicks of that mouse, you can check out what different companies have to offer and then make contact and consult with them.

Simply put – Getting a loan arranged has never ever been easier!