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Civil Engineers are Crucial at the Beginning of a Major Construction Project

Civil engineers are needed before you decide to erect a piece of property because they are the experts who can help you with drainage and highway matters, among other things. Before the foundation of your home or office is installed, the right engineering company can conduct tests and prepare you for any of the planning requirements that you find yourself needing. In short, they prepare you for a lot of the legal requirements that you’ll likely need before you start building that home or office.

Offering Top-Notch Services That You Need

Experienced engineers offer services that include:

  • Planning and clearing so that planning approval can be obtained
  • Various flood risk and mitigation assessments
  • Designs for carriageways and highways
  • Updating of highway designs
  • All types of drainage agreements

In short, the companies that provide you with expert engineers – consulting in Chichester are there to make sure every detail is adhered to so that you can feel confident about the final product, which is truly invaluable.

Trust Them for the Assistance You Need

Most of all, you can trust these engineers for the advice and assistance that you’ll need from the start of the process to the end because construction projects can be very complex. From soil infiltration testing to cut and fill analysis, and everything in between, engineers will know just what you need, and they provide the assistance you need so you can get exactly what you want in the end. They will answer questions at any time, and they know what needs to be done so that you can proceed with confidence.

Small Business

Contemporary Relocations and Removals: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re planning on facilitating a local, national, or international relocation some time in the near future, it’s important to note that you’re not alone by any stretch of the imagination:

  • According to a recent survey, more than 25% of UK businesses are preparing for a shift during the next 12 months.
  • On average, there are approximately 95,000 property transactions per month in the United Kingdom and January of 2017 marked a 24-month high with over 105,000 transactions. Businesses are constantly shifting locations, opening new branches, and expanding operations.
  • The most common apprehension during a typical move is the fear of damaging equipment, furniture, appliances, and delicate possessions during transit.

As you can see by now, you’ll probably have to move at least several times during the course of your dealings, which is why it’s so important to establish a tight-knit, lasting relationship with a reputable local moving company such as Arrowpak, for instance, to help with all of your forthcoming relocation needs.

But if you’ve never worked with a professional removal firm in the past, feel free to use this brief article as an introductory guide to understanding the contemporary suite of services offered by these versatile specialists. It will help you pick the perfect partner when the time comes.

Safe and Effective Removals

The most reputable moving firms are members of the British Association of Removers and they can usually tout upwards of 30 years of industry experience, which is why they are relied upon to provide comprehensive removal services on a year-round basis:

  • Arranging, categorising, and packing all of your most integral equipment, electrical implements, office supplies, furniture, and appliances
  • Widespread transportation network to account for local, cross-country, and even international relocations
  • High-end packing materials including durable totes, cushioned wrapping paper, colour-coded labels, industrial-strength shipping boxes, and other modernised provisions
  • Dedicated project managers and technicians to account for the entire planning process

Secure Storage Options

If you find yourself in need of temporary or long-term storage, it’s important to note that the most distinguished removal companies will also be able to provide a wide selection of warehousing facilities and storerooms to protect your items before, during, or after the relocation. This is particularly helpful if you happen to be downsizing or moving to a smaller property and can no longer keep certain items onsite.

Specialty Moving

Regardless of your specific industry, sector, or niche, you’ll probably have to establish a suitable plan for moving large, cumbersome items, which is precisely where commercial removal companies come into play as they can help with a wide range of nuanced needs:

  • Specialist crating for retailers
  • On-demand shipping services
  • Global retail transportation and furniture distribution
  • Vehicle conveyance and storage
  • Fine art, antiques, and other sensitive décor elements
  • Pianos, refrigerators, copy machines, and other unwieldy appliances

Simply by scheduling a personalised survey appointment, you’ll be able to start working hand in hand with a qualified team of removal experts to ascertain your needs and develop a viable plan for your next relocation.

Small Business

A Checklist for Starting a New Business

More and more people are breaking free from their salaried chains and taking the plunge into the uncertain world of self-employment, and with the current technology at our disposal, going it alone has never been this easy. Many entrepreneurs run huge online retail outlets from their spare room at home, and with the right IT equipment and support, your headquarters will be equipped to enable complete control from a single workstation. If you are soon to turn your lifelong dream into reality and set up your very own company, here are some essential components to a successful launch.

  • The Right Office – Whatever the industry, or your location, you will need a base, which could be anything from a single room to a small office and workshop combination, and with an online business, physical location is no longer important. Many small businesses rent offices in the suburbs, as rental is more affordable, and with the right IT support, your HQ will be ready to take on the world. A broadband connection is advised, and with a high powered laptop and a hew desktops at the workstations, you are good to go. If your new business is to be located in Surrey, for example, Spectronics in New Malden are the people to talk to, as they can fit out your office space with everything you need to maintain a strong online presence, and they even advise regarding hardware solutions.
  • The Right Product – Service – If you are going to make your mark, you will need to have a product or service that ticks all the right boxes, and by asking yourself why someone would choose you over a competitor, you will get right to the heart of the matter, and if you can make your products attractive and offer a professional service, then you have the basic ingredients for a successful enterprise.
  • Digital Marketing Ally – Without an experienced digital marketing agency in your corner, things will be tough, and with this online environment, it is all about exposure. Unless you happen to be an SEO expert, call in the professionals, and they will help you draw up a digital marketing plan that would include social media and search engine optimisation. Even if you do not consider your business as an online concern, every business must have a strong online presence, even the local window cleaner, and by joining forces with a leading digital marketing agency, they will drive the traffic to your website.
  • Adequate Funding – Many businesses fail in the first year, due to lack of funds, and you should factor is absolutely everything when crunching the numbers at the planning stage. Ideally, you should have enough to furnish the acquisition of everything and also adequate funding to support the business for the first 6 months, without having to rely on any revenue at all.

Add to all the above, an irrepressible determination and a “can do” attitude, shake well and you have all the ingredients for success.

Small Business

What is an Answering Service and how is It Beneficial for a Small Business

Over time a lot of businesses have developed a hot and cold relationship with available telephone services. The providing of easy telephone access to the public has resulted in both a boost in sales and effective communication with customers, but also the need for extra workers to handle the heavier workload.

Companies may not be able to work 24/7, but the phone services never rest and this is precisely where specialised answering services have come to fill a much required niche in business operations.

At the Start

The earlier forms of answering services focussed most of the time on message taking for customers after working hours or on holidays.

  • A doctor or a lawyer would use an answering service to administer emergency calls over the course of a weekend, for instance.

These answering service providers would take any transferred calls from a client’s business line and then provide their limited services as overseer.

  • Any important calls could be transferred to a contact phone number, whilst others would be asked to call clients directly after returning to the office

The World Today

And now here we are today where matters of business telecommunication services have expanded so fast, that the role of a contemporary answering service has also radically been changed.

  • Companies are ‘farming out’ much of their regular incoming call traffic to professional phone receptionists who are skilfully trained to understand a company’s set up
  • Take for example, calls for work references; they can be expertly handled by an answering service which has access to a company’s human resource data

All types of after-hours sales orders can be managed by a specially customised computer programme with specific catalogue information.

A Massive Helping Hand

Now becoming so very apparent to all small businesses, professional answering services can also help them to organise short term cover for a business whilst on any kind of holiday.

  • They are also very helpful in making any company seeming to be much larger than what in fact they really are

The professionals at Message Direct answering service can even be listed as members of a client’s company. Instead of going ahead and having to employ extra sales reps or a receptionist, the smaller business can suggest that callers can ask for ‘Emma or Glenn’ at some pre-arranged toll free number.

All customers would not know that Emma and Glenn are really employed by a professional answering service company!

Custom Designed for Every Kind of Business

Specialist answering services can typically customise all plans, according to a client’s needs. In a number of cases, some paid training sessions might need to be undertaken before an assigned worker is able to expertly command the phone lines.

Anyone out there who would like to further develop their business, should simply carry out some online research and check out what services are out there to make their business bloom!

Small Business

The Legal Aspects of Setting Up and Managing a Company

The subject of law has many faces, and for those who wish to formulate a company, there are legal steps that must be taken, and prior to that, the person or persons who are to set up the company need to consider the type of company they would like to register. It might be a sole concern, or a partnership, or even a group of likeminded people who wish to pool their resources, and this is the time to seek the advice of an experienced business lawyer.

The Nature and Size of the Business

These are contributing factors in company formation, along with personal liability, and whatever direction you choose, there will be a set of governing rules that govern aspects of the business, so it is essential to select the most appropriate business type. Many people prefer their company to be limited, which means that in the event the company were to be declared bankrupt, the owner’s liability would be limited to a specific amount. If you required a business solicitor in London, for example, an online search would be the best way to source an experienced legal firm, and one that specialises in company formation.


More often than not, two people join forces, and typically, each would have experience in one discipline, and together, they have the knowledge, skill and experience to create a company. One might be very practical and understands the shop floor side of the business, while the other partner excels at sales and marketing, and between them, they have the foundations for a potentially profitable concern. One thing the two partners need to do is sit down and draft a working agreement that will define their involvement, including tasks and responsibilities, and that is something a business lawyer can help with. It is essential that both parties are happy with this agreement, as it defines their business relationship from there on in.

Limited Company Formation

Many individuals prefer to limit their liabilities when setting up a business, which, of course, has a large element of risk involved. A sole trader, for example, might want to risk losing their house, should the business fold, and with a limited company, one can decide just how much liability to take on. This could also be the case with a partnership, or even a group of people, and by using the services of an experienced business lawyer, everything can be arranged to all parties’ satisfaction.

Structuring the Company

Looking ahead, there are several directions the business could take, and with the right advice, things can be in place at the very outset, and the lawyer can make all the necessary applications to ensure the company will get the maximum benefit from the structure. The legal expert can also assist in drawing up employment contracts and advising about the responsibilities of an employer, making sure you do not break the law.

If you think you will require the services of a lawyer to help you set up a business, an online search will certainly be a good place to start. It is advisable to enlist the help of an experienced business solicitor from the very start, and he or she can help you to create the ideal shell that will allow the company to grow unhindered.