Growth Hacks Every Business Must Know


Growing a business is definitely key to its success. Traditionally, businesses directly spend money to attract customers and grow. Growth hacking, a new term, refers to attracting customers without directly paying, as with an advertisement. So, instead of spending $100 to attract a single customer, growth hacking can help you attract a swarm of customers by spending that $100. And, no, growth hacking does not involve any actual hacking. Here are a number of amazing growth hacking tips all businesses can benefit from:

Create a Logo for Your Business or a Product

It sounds so simple. After all, as a consumer yourself, you are exposed to business logos all the time. However, many new businesses do not think about designing logos for their brand or products. Logos are commonly overlooked by businesses that move from a traditional venue to online platforms. However, logos help create instant brand recognition, which can boost sales. Therefore, seriously consider having at least one logo for your business.


Blogging is not just for teens anymore. Almost all big name businesses these days blog. A blogging platform can be a powerful tool to create brand awareness and generate publicity for your company. It can also help you keep in touch with loyal customers. Blogging can also establish your personal name or brand name as an authoritative voice in the industry. For example, Corporate Business Solutions, a management consultancy firm, blogs about subjects that they are experts in. Doing so lends a touch of credibility to the company. Likewise, your business, too, can benefit from blogging.

Make Your Website Load Fast

You might think that this is a tip for web developers. It’s not. There’s a surprising correlation between the website load time and the conversion and retention rates. No one like slow loading sites. Market research has shown that companies with websites that take more than 2 seconds to load lose customers much more than others. Therefore, your website should ideally load in under 2 seconds. The strength of your sales will depend on it.

Publish Customer Testimonials

Marketing is largely driven by social proof. That is, people would prefer to buy from your company if they see other people buying from you without complaint. Therefore, don’t hesitate to publish (positive) customer testimonials right on your homepage. Allow customers to post product and service reviews on your site as well. When potential customers see these, they will not hesitate to purchase from you. Keep reviews overwhelmingly positive, but not completely positive. That would indicate falseness to potential customers.


Another way you can secure social proof, and sales, is to get a celebrity endorsement for your company. Now, not all companies can afford to hire a Hollywood A-lister to appear in advertisements. However, you don’t necessarily need a celebrity. What you need is an authoritative voice. For example, if you sell diet pills online, a vocal nod of approval from a popular health blogger can make your sales spike. So, think about such authoritative figures that can give your company their stamp of approval.

As you can see, growth hacking can be fun and highly effective. So, don’t wait to implement one of the above suggestions at your company today.


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