Health Insurance Problems During Divorce And Child Custody


Health insurance is essential as it will lower the cost of high medical expenses and even provide free health screenings and check-ups depending on the insurance policy. In the event of a divorce or child custody, it might significantly affect the health insurance policies that you have previously applied for. In such cases, it is crucial to talk to Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office and get the appropriate legal advice on what can be done in order to be secure and protected.

Here are some of the problems that you might be facing during divorce and child custody:

Most people do not realise that they might lose their health insurance when they get a divorce, and the insurance coverage can be questionable if their child is in custody with a divorced parent. Although family law courts can intervene in the issue and help decide how to get the benefits from health insurance when you are in a divorce, it is recommended to have an attorney who will guide you in taking the proper steps legally and responsibly.

The following are some of the problems that arise in health insurance if you are getting a divorce or in child custody:

  1. If a couple does not inform their respective insurance company about their legal separation in advance within a particular time, then there are chances that the insurance claim is considered as insurance fraud.
  2. Failure to research the available options in getting the best insurance coverage before the divorce or legal separation can result in paying a lump sum amount of money which can be significantly higher for the couple to pay.
  3. If the child has a pre-existing medical condition and the parents are divorced, then it is recommended for the child’s parents to agree on a contract with the doctor to have bills separately on an appropriate ratio to avoid expensive medical costs on one parent. If not, the custodial parent might have to pay more.
  4. If the non-custodial parent who had agreed on providing insurance for the child changes jobs, he is requested to contact his new employer about including his child along with him in his new employer-provided insurance plan. Hence, the child is insured under the same plan as his non-custodial parent.
  5. A parent would be asked to pay all the medical costs incurred under insurance if he was ordered to provide health insurance by the court yet failed to do so.
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