How to protect yourself from medical identity theft?


That which simplifies your life also complicates it. While there are many different ways in which internet has made life simple for all of us, it has also brought challenges with it that we need to be aware of. Internet has made all transactions quick. Information can be shared at lightning speed. This is good unless the information is illegally stolen. The speedy internet service also draws attention of the criminals as their life of crime gets simplified.

Medical identity theft is one of the things you need to be wary of. There are many different types of medical identity thefts that take place. You need to be aware of these types to be better warned. Here we have listed these for your knowledge and reference:

Get Invoiced for Fraudulent Treatments

Once the thieves have your medical identity, they may use it to get fraudulent treatments. This means your money is being used up while there is no treatment actually taking place.

Use Free Treatment Through Your Medical Identity

The other obvious possibility is that the thieves use your identity to benefit from your medical insurance and get the treatment or therapy for free.

Buy Up Drugs

The thieves may also use your medical identity to buy up drugs and resell it illegally to make a few quick bucks.

Medical identity theft is a great challenge and it can hamper your financial profile greatly. Read along to know the different ways in which your financial profile can be hampered due to medical identity theft:

False Records are Created

When identity thieves misuse your information and medical records, naturally new records are created. These false records can hamper your existing medical profile.

Credit History is Ruined

There is no need to tell how good credit history can help you in the financial world. This can be ruined completely if there is a medical identity theft and someone takes wrong advantage of your medical insurance.

Your Premiums May Rise

The premium for your health insurance greatly depends on the present health condition. If your medical insurance is used or misused for certain medical expenses, the premiums will naturally rise.

You Lose Health Coverage

While you have still not used your medical insurance for your own health related expenses, you still lose your health coverage. A medical identity theft can prevent you from reaping the benefits of your insurance plan while you actually deserve it.

If you are afraid of medical identity theft, we are just trying to help you avoid such a calamity. Here we have listed out some simple yet reliable ways to avoid medical identity theft and be safe:

Do Not Use Free and Open Wi-Fi Networks

The easy availability of free wi-fi in malls and in public places may often tempt us to use it. Yet, you need to be very careful and avoid the use of public wi-fi while accessing classified information of personal and financial documents. Public wi-fis are not secure connections and there is always virus threat and possibility of leak of information from such connections.

Do Not Open Doubtful E-mails

If you come across an e-mail that seems doubtful or fishy, do not open it. It could be a virus that leaks information. As modern insurance companies and banks allow all documents to be retained in the e-format, your clicking on such email could risk all your important online data.

Take All Necessary Safety Measures Like Anti-Virus

A secure connection is the key to remaining data safe. You need to take all the necessary measures like using good quality anti-virus so that your computer remains secure.

Do Not Disclose Data to Others

Financial data should always remain confidential. Be careful whom you disclose facts about medical insurance, financial assets and other personal facts to. People have an easy chance to misuse such classified information and you need to take utmost care not to disclose it to the wrong people.

Always Maintain A Copy of Medical Documents

Since medical insurance covers for some of the medical expenses that may crop up, you need to be aware of your medical track record. It would be best to maintain a copy of all your medical records. This way, you know about your medical track history and have a clear idea what health crisis might have cropped up in the past. This will prevent you from being exploited by being shown the wrong medical expenses being covered by medical insurance companies.

Avoid Excessive Use of Self-Help Apps

It is trendy to use different apps for exercise, yoga and other health routines. You need to be wary of such apps as they could leak significant information related to your health. You need to be prudent with the choice of health apps. Strictly avoid use of such apps to check financial data or any crucial information that maybe leaked.

Always Take Time to Read Explanation of Benefits

If you have taken a medical insurance, you must be well aware what explanation of benefits actually mean. These are documents that your medical insurance company sends you showing the expenses the company has covered for you during different medical needs. Make it a point to read the ‘EOB’ or explanation of benefits carefully and check whether all the expenses they claim to have covered are actual. If there are inconsistencies, you must contact your insurance company immediately to know the facts.

Keep an Eye on Your Credits

Being informed is one way to avoid medical identity thefts. People who keep track of their finances rarely get cheated. A great way to avoid any fraud is simply by keeping a check on your credits. It will help you observe if there are any unexpected ups and downs in credits. This will prevent you from getting cheated through data leaks.

While there is not sure shot way to prevent such thefts, a higher degree of awareness and knowledge can reduce the possibility of such thefts. If a medical identity theft occurs, you must go ahead and inform the right authorities so that due action can be taken.

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