Maintenance Tips and Guidelines for Window Air Conditioner


Air conditioner units have made human life easy and convenient. This home appliance helps to reduce the heat of summer days. But just like any other appliance or thing, ACs also requires good care and maintenance. If you want to enjoy the benefits of your air conditioner for prolonged time duration then it’s essential to take care of it. If maintained properly the AC can operate at optimal efficiency. For this, you need to follow some maintenance steps, which are discussed in this article.

Weather-proofing & Insulation:

Window air conditioners are installed in the window and their outer part is exposed to weather. If your window located somewhere where it receives a lot of rain or window then you need to cover the outer part of your AC properly. One best way to protect your air conditioner from rain and wind is to install a ‘Caulk’ to outer or exposed part of an air conditioner. Placing the outer part of AC under a shade can save it from direct sun rays, and this will help the AC to cool the room in less time.

Air Filter Cleaning

Air filters in an air conditioner are the vital part of the unit. These filters allow a flow of cool and clean air entrapping the dust particles. Therefore it is important to clean air filters on regular basis. To make sure that your AC is working properly, check its air filters once in a month and clean them properly with mild detergent and water. Be careful to remove and install the air filters back in the unit.

Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Just as the air filters the cols of the evaporator and air condenser of the AC also entraps the dust and debris which renders the proper functioning of AC. It is therefore essential to inspect the coils of both evaporator and condenser once a year and clean all the dust and debris. You can clean these coils by using a vacuum cleaner or a brush. The cleaners must be mild and you must fully dry the coils before switching on the AC.

Other Tips

It is advised to hire a professional AC cleaner once in a year for thorough cleaning and maintenance of AC unit. These maintenance tips and steps will surely help you to prevent any kind f problem in your AC functioning and efficiency.

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