Make an Old Building Safe


In past years, there were different laws about what could be used in the construction of buildings. Many of these laws have changed over the years to exclude dangerous items. The dangers may not have been known when the materials were first used. Asbestos and lead paint are two items that are no longer used today. Asbestos can cause fatal health issues and must be removed in a specific way by a professional.

Assessing the Building

When you purchase a building for a business or a home, you need to have a thorough inspection performed before you move in. If the home is old, it is incredibly important to find any records that you can which detail how the home was built. You may be able to determine whether or not asbestos was used by looking at these records. The date that the building was constructed can also help an inspector determine if asbestos or lead paint is present in the home. Ultimately, a physical search needs to be done to find anything that needs to be removed.


Certified asbestos removal services in Medway are a necessity for safety purposes. There is a safety protocol involved in removing asbestos that must be followed very carefully. No one can remain in the building during this activity. In some cases, the home must be empty of all belongings. Asbestos can get into your lungs and cause disease. It was common for construction workers to die from exposure before the dangers of asbestos were discovered. Follow these steps during the asbestos removal process:

  • Leave the building
  • Hire a certified business
  • Have a medical check-up if you have been living in the home

Asbestos is a dangerous material that must be removed, or the building will not be able to be used. Once asbestos is exposed, people can become ill if they are not wearing protective gear. Many parts of the house must also be cleaned after the removal.

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