Some Personal Finance Tips: How to Save and Spend Money Smartly?


An adage says if you save money, money will save you. This timeless adage is more relevant in present times when things are getting tougher. If you have started earning, you must save and spend it wisely. Otherwise, no matter how much you make, you will always find it hard to manage your finance. Here are some effective personal finance tips that would be beneficial for you.

Start Saving Early

The first and foremost thing for you is to start saving early. It is said that the moment you start earning, you should start saving. Even if you save a little, it will become a big amount in the future, provided you consistently save money. It is really important to make a habit of saving, which will be very effective for your future.

Spend Only After You Save

If it is about saving, you should make it a priority to save first, and then you can proceed to spend. Spending is easiest. So you always spend whenever you want, but this is not the same as saving. Saving is difficult. So it would help if you made a habit of consistently saving. This is how you can expect to make your financial future secure.

Home Loan

If you wish to buy a home, a home loan could be a good option considering your loan repayment ability, income, and credit score. But paying your EMIs each month should be your prime priority; otherwise, you may end up paying a lot of fines and penalties for the same. Moreover, you can decide to go for an ICICI bank home loan or any other home loan according to your preference and needs.

Cover Your Risks

If you are your family’s sole earner, then you should cover all the risks. In this case, it is prudent to take life and medical insurance. Moreover, it would be best if you also took health insurance for your family members.

This is how you would get coverage during a medical emergency. All you have to do is pay a little every year as the medical premium. In return, the expenses would be reimbursed by the insurance company if there is a medical emergency. This is quite a wise step to follow.

Use a Credit Card Wisely

Using a credit card comes with several uses and benefits, provided you know how to use it. The first point to remember is to clear your dues monthly within the billing period. The annual interest rates of credit cards are increasing day by day.

So if you do not clear your dues every month, you will have to pay a lot of money as fines and penalties. Moreover, the credit card company may even debar you from using their card upon failing to make the repayments. So you have to remember this point seriously. Experts from reputed money management firms like ApnaPaisa recommend understanding the terms of credit cards properly before you start using them to avoid penalties.

Apart from the above tips, it would help if you also went digital in managing your personal finance. Upon extensive research, you will come up with essential tips and tricks that would benefit you to follow. This is important to save and spend your hard-earned money to secure your future in the best way possible.

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