What Does A Brand Strategist Do?


Brands aren’t defined by their product and business messages. Instead, they’re defined by how customers feel and perceive those messages and that company. While the brand’s creative designer forms the DNA of a brand, the brand strategist is like the custodian of that design. They oversee the implementation strategy, maintenance of the brand, security of it, decluttering, and propel the direction and progress of it. Let’s take a closer look at this job.

Brand Strategist Job Description

This role has a primary responsibility of planning and initiating ways to maintain, improve, and evolve products and services offered to the buying market. They work closely with marketing, sales, and design teams to ensure the branding of these products stay ahead of competitors and of high interest to the buying market.

Brands are more than just a tagline attached to a name. Everything from colors, textures, attraction level, slogans, endorsements, social acceptance, resonance with customers, and marketing positioning must be managed, evaluated, propelled, and redirected in order for a brand to ultimately succeed. These finite details usually fall under the title of brand strategist.

Brand strategists are creative thinkers capable of making quick and effective decisions to help a slagging product catch up on trends and propel innovative products ahead of the curve. Their ultimate pursuit is for a product or service to have universal recognition and success through the ideas and methodologies they employ.

Duties Of A Brand Strategist

Conduct original research via marketing research portals, monitor brand activity across social media, and collect hard data to analyze brand performance and predict future trends and success of products and services.

Create strategies to bring out the most valuable tone and personality of a message so that it establishes a lifetime connection with target consumers.

Plan the future of the brand by determining 1) how branding campaigns would and are working and 2) isolating improvement opportunities from that data.

Use SEO, web design, SMM, and similar methodologies to help make the brand distinguished, accessible, and ultimately a household name.

Work with marketing and brand management to ensure an effective, efficient, and consistent message delivery to the public.

Define the best attributes a product or service has, the target customer group based on the psychographics and demographics, and outline the projected reactions based on both.

Plan the total customer experience based on all consumer touch points – advertising, product packaging, product literature, in-store/online setup and placement, post-sale criteria, and so forth.

Use in-depth studies to analyze brand life cycles, rebranding, and extensions of lines and services.


As you can see, this is an invaluable role to any product or service’s livelihood and future prospects. Brand strategists are often referred to as the custodians of products and services, but a more apt term may be a personal physician for these entities since they’re ultimately responsible for both their current and future health and well-being.

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