What to Look for in A Storage Company for Commercial Use


If you are a business owner, it is important that you find a way to keep the items you don’t use every day safe and secure. This can be achieved through various commercial storage facilities. If you have insufficient space for things like equipment, supplies, or paperwork, then these types of facilities are perfect. They are also fireproof and waterproof and tend to have climate control and security facilities on site, which means that everything is perfectly protected.

How to Find Commercial Storage

The best way to find commercial storage is by using the internet. The storage industry is booming, so there is likely to be a facility near you and you should be able to find this online. You need to make sure, however, that your particular security needs are met and that the rates are affordable. Generally speaking, good storage facilities have excellent customer service policies in place so that all your needs can be met. Some will even help you move.

The spaces have to be fully protected, of course. Do look into this so that you are sure your valuable belongings are safe. Only you should be able to enter the unit.

You also need to look into the types of spaces that are available. You usually have a choice of different sizes, and many offer optional extras. This includes such things as climate control. Do also check what the access arrangements are, as some require you to make an appointment, others work during office hours and other still are open 24/7.

You should also be able to choose between indoor and outdoor units. The indoor units tend to be the best protected, both from the elements and from burglars, but they are also the most expensive. An added benefit to outdoor facilities is that they usually enable you to drive straight to them.

Make sure that you reserve your unit ahead of time. Most good online storage facilities enable you to book online. However, as these units are incredibly popular, you may struggle to find something affordable on the spot. This is why it is best to think ahead. This also gives you the opportunity to visit the facility before signing a contract.

Speaking of contracts, you need to look into the payment arrangements that are being made, and how long you have to be tied in. Most units can be rented for anything from a day to an indefinite period of time. Furthermore, you tend to get a discount on the price if you rent it for a longer period of time, but that does mean you will be tied for that time period. Clearly, you need to spend a bit of time considering what your exact needs and requirements are.

Last but not least, make sure you check the reviews of the storage facilities. Find out what other people have experienced and if they have been happy with the level of service they have received. This can also be done online.

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