What Does TDI Index Mean?

Many Forex traders believe that they can find a system generating signals with a high probability of profitable trades. It would be easy to reap steady profits by just following its rules. TDI trading seems to be exactly the strategy that provides simple and highly probable signals for entering the market, which makes it extremely popular. Let’s explore its basic features to assess the possible benefits.

How It Is Made

TDI traders dynamic index is based on the standard RSI indicator, which determines how strong the current trend is and how fast the price will change. The Moving Average algorithm, showing the average price of a currency pair over a certain time and highlighting its direction, serves to smooth the lines. Bollinger Bands, another classic tool capturing directed price movements, are instrumental for estimating the fluctuation amplitude and the trend direction. Thanks to this integrated approach, the TDI index works as a full-scale trading system, which is quite effective for revealing the current state of the market.

What It Looks Like

As it follows from the above, the indicator includes five lines. Red and green RSI lines are smoothed according to different averaging periods. The first one comes with a longer period and is called signal, while the second is based on a shorter period and is known as fast. Bollinger Bands are also built on RSI, yet without any smoothing. This indicator adds three more lines to the screen. Two of them are blue, making up the upper and lower volatility bands. The middle line is orange, serving to determine the direction of the current movement. Most of the time, it is located between levels 32 and 68, while crossing the levels hints at reversals.

What It Shows

When combined together, all these indicators deliver a good deal of information, displaying the direction where the price is moving and the strength of the trend. The TDI indicator also covers the prevailing bullish or bearish moods and the volatility level. Obviously, it is able to spot the moments in the market for you to buy or sell.

How to Get It

The standard package of the MT4 and MT5 terminals doesn’t contain this tool, so you need to copy the indicator files to a folder on your computer. The indicator comes with multiple options, and you can customize its numerous settings to fit your trading style. However, it is not recommended to change default TDI settings until you learn the basics and test the system.


A Complete Guide For Investing In Pink Diamonds

The changing face of the global economy can be quite scary if you really don’t know how to tap the opportunities coming your way. While many countries face a rapid decline in currency valuation, it is unwise to just have a portfolio based on currency and industrial investments. Asset portfolios such as investing in diamonds can actually be your failsafe option securing your future against mercurial drops in any economic conditions. What makes diamonds and most importantly, pink diamonds such a secure investing solution? Here is a complete look at the many ways that pink diamond investments are timeless and secure options.

Portable solutions

You can transfer large amounts of cash by first converting them to a handful of pink diamonds. Diamonds are highly portable and can be securely stored in safety locker boxes where you do not even have to go through the process of tediously counting through a large bulk of cash for hours. Simply have the ease of management of your finances by converting your cash to diamonds.

Valued amongst society

The pink diamonds, in particular, have become the celebrity favourite over the course of a few years. This popularity of the diamonds amongst an influential crowd assures that the demand for the pink diamonds will always be on a steep incline, giving you the assurance of investment for the future.

Durability for future

Diamonds are tough and do not weather over time. The durability of these stones makes them an asset that can be passed on from generation to generation without the worry for any value loss.

Inflation and market crash proof

The purity of the pink diamonds is the most vital fact that affects the pricing of the Argyle diamonds. Most pink diamonds in the world come with atheist one or two secondary colours that make the intensity of the diamonds, however, Argyle pinks are known for the strength of their true colour with no secondary colours distorting the intensity of these diamonds. The value of these diamonds only appreciate over time and thus converting to pink diamonds as an investment choice is the ideal way to protect your assets against inflation or any sudden market crashes.

Added benefits of owning pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are highly coveted as statement jewellery pieces as much as they are an investment opportunity. You can have your pink diamond collection set in choicest jewellery pieces to enjoy the stones as much as an accessory as a wise investment for the future. Storage of the accessory pieces would be much the same as loose diamonds and the value is not affected by the setting of the stones. You can also have these pieces insured to keep your investment protected against burglaries or thefts.

Investing in diamonds can be incredibly secure but you have to be vigilant towards finding just the right dealer to truly be confident about this. When you make your choice of diamond purchase, you should be able to depend on the brand value of your dealers to rest your faith in the quality assurance that they provide for their pink diamond collections.


Should Your Business Invest in a Flat Roof?

Though many homes and businesses still invest in the traditional pitched roof, the fact is that flat roofs have come a really long way in recent years. The primary driver for these changes has been improvements in the affordability and quality of materials used to create flat roofs, including eco-friendly material and even the use of exceptionally durable PVC.

Why Invest in a Flat Roof?

The good news is that a local experienced roofing company in York can install a flat roof. But why should you do so? Indeed, what are the benefits of having a flat roof? Consider the following:

  • Cost-Effective: One of the biggest reasons to have a flat roof installed is because it is much cheaper. While the traditional pitched roof remains popular, it is also more expensive and takes longer to install. A flat roof is not only cheaper but it is also much easier and quicker to install.
  • More Space: If you have ever wanted to use your roof as another viable area of your home or business, the flat roof is the only thing that you should consider. A flat roof can be accessed more easily and can be used for a roof garden, decking, or solar panels that are not visible from the street. A home with a flat roof can even use the space underneath it more effectively as extra space since there is no pitch to deal with.

A Cost-Effective Solution

If your roof has seen better days or you just want to take advantage of the numerous benefits that the flat roof offers, a local roofing company can sort you out.


Investing in the Right Furniture for the Office

When setting up or refitting an office-based workplace, it is important to ensure that the right furniture is in place. There are a range of health and safety regulations governing the workplace, including the office, and it is essential that the right furniture is purchased.

Health and Safety Concerns

It is important that every office manager and building owner makes sure that the workplace furniture is not only adequate for employees, but that it also abides by health and safety standards. Furniture ergonomics are a valid concern for many office workers, and it is crucial that chairs, desks, and other furniture are sourced from quality office furniture suppliers in Edinburgh.

Here are just some of the reasons why many office workers may need certain kinds of furniture:

  • They have a physical disability that prevents them from sitting in regular chairs or sitting at regular office desks
  • They have chronic or acute pain that entitles them to special furniture in order to reduce their discomfort and mitigate further injury
  • They have a body shape or type that necessitates certain kinds of furniture and sitting arrangements
  • They require special furniture for the completion of certain types of labour intensive work

Fitting Out an Office

It is important that all health and safety concerns are met, and also that the office is equipped with the right furniture and fittings, including waste bins, shredders, comfortable chairs, ergonomic desks, shelving, lighting, and adequate signage. Buying from a specialist office supply retailer is the best way to ensure that this is the case.


Do You Know How to Preserve Your Wealth

If you have special savings and investment needs, the choice of a bank can be instrumental in meeting these criteria. Therefore, you need to make sure that the accounts you choose will help you reach your savings and investment goals.

For example, a premier savings account enables savers to open a savings account for a minimum of RM3,000 in Malaysia. Savers do not need to maintain a minimum balance to keep the account open. Interest is calculated on the account daily and credited monthly.

A Foreign Currency Account

You might also consider a foreign currency account. This banking product allows you to maintain your savings in the currency of your choice. You can also choose from a broad range of investment options in Malaysia today.

Some of the Financial Solutions That Are Used to Build Wealth

Wealth management solutions offered by Malaysia bank include the following investments:

  • Dual currency investments
  • Unit trusts
  • Retail bonds
  • Structured investments

Types of Insurance Products Used to Protect Your Wealth

You can also choose from insurance products to protect your wealth. For example, some of the insurance plans offered include the following:

  • Universal life plans preserve your wealth whilst meeting your legacy planning requirements. This type of investment safeguards your family’s financial future without any compromises being placed on your current lifestyle. Plans are also designed to allocate wealth to your children equally. These products are specially designed to protect estates from volatility in the marketplace.
  • Endowment plans are designed to keep you financially protected whilst also satisfying your saving goals. Financial institutions offer a broad range of choices in these investments.
  • Medical insurance is featured which offers comprehensive benefits. The insurance features jumbo limits that increase with time.

Financing Products

To make the most of your wealth, you will also want to review your bank’s financing products. Whether you want to purchase real estate or refinance a current loan, you can find a way to meet your financial objectives. For instance, some of the bank products that feature financing include home loans, overseas property financing (OPF), and overdraft protection against shares in your savings, insurance, and investment accounts.

Keeping Banking Transactions Streamlined

To make sure that all your banking transactions are smoothly handled, Malaysian banks offer facsimile banking and banking by phone. If you need to conduct business but do not have time to go into a bank, phone and facsimile banking can streamline the transaction process.

Carefully Review the Product Information

When making a selection for wealth-preserving products, you need to carefully review all of the information that is provided on a bank’s website. Research the products online to inform your decision-making process. Everyone has unique financial needs. That is why you need to make sure your banking solutions are customised to your particular lifestyle.