What are the benefits of Remote Jobs Europe?

If you are wondering what are the benefits of Remote Jobs Europe, let us find out here in the following:

Productivity for the company:

Of the 39% who work twice a month on average remotely, 77% report a significant increase in productivity, either because they are able to carry out much more activity in less time (30%). Or because they are able to advance further in the 8same time they previously spent (24%).

Regarding the eternal doubt about the connection or integration problems that members of a team that is geographically distributed may have. The survey indicates that 42% feel that they are as connected as if they were in the office, and 30% you feel like you are even more connected.

Worker benefits:

One of the main benefits that workers appreciate when having policies that allow them to work remotely sometimes is cost savings, especially when traveling. In addition, for half of the respondents, having the option of remote work makes them highly value continuity in the company.

Regarding the impact on healthy habits, the results leave no room for doubt:

– 45% sleep more hours.

– 35% do more physical exercise.

– 42% eat healthier.

– 44% have a more positive attitude.

– 53% say they have reduced their stress level.

– 51% spend more time with their family and the closest social circle.

The importance of leaving the office to be more productive at work:

Currently, many companies have decided to adapt their offices to have open workspaces, all focused on improving communication and offering a more transparent image.

Despite the fact that it may have some advantages for fostering the interrelation between workers and reducing bureaucratic processes to share information and make decisions, the truth is that this type of space generates a significant negative impact on productivity, as unnecessary interruptions multiply.

Some tips to improve productivity in the office are:

– Establish schedules without interruption: Each worker must evaluate the periods they need to be able to work individually without being “bothered”.

An efficient way to let colleagues know that we are in a non-stop period is to define an identifier (for example, a red card on top of the monitor) that is in general use. It is important that it is only used in these periods, otherwise, it will lose validity.

– Use headphones to focus on music: When we need greater concentration, we can use headphones that allow us to isolate ourselves from ambient noise and thus put more focus on that important activity that we want to develop.

– Leave the office: Use meeting rooms or carry out remote work sessions for those tasks and projects in which we need to sprint and advance clearly and effectively.

An adequate Remote Jobs Europe model for any company must be accompanied by an effective work methodology, aimed at collaborative work management that facilitates access to information and monitoring of activities.


Are You Looking for a Job?

If you have been seeking employment, you are not alone, which means that your competition may be daunting. That is why you need to go to an employment agency and further explore your job search options. You also need to create a CV online that contains keywords. That way, you will make it possible for important employers to find you.

Getting Leads and Advice

No job search is ever easy. That is why it is good to know that you can count on trusted employment agencies in Glasgow to provide you with the needed leads and advice. You can find all you need to know about the current openings in your field. If you want to go online and conduct a search at a recruiting site, you need to do the following:

  • Insert the job type
  • Include the discipline
  • Add the location
  • Insert specific keywords

Filter Your Choices

Usually, the above steps will help you filter the jobs that meet your criteria. You will also make an easier match with employers who are seeking your specific skills. If you find that you do not meet all of an employer’s needs, you should review what you can do to improve your skills. Ask the recruiter for advice along these lines.

You can also work with a recruiter on your CV. Have an employment professional see where it needs to be improved. By taking this approach, you will feel more confident when you are searching the job bank for careers in your field. A well-presented CV makes it possible for job seekers to land better opportunities. Any hints you can get for improvement will greatly increase your chances for getting a dream job.


Self-Development: Skill That Can’t be taught

I have talked to numerous people in all walks of life; early career, menial jobs, students and even athletes. There is a very common pattern of discontent among an astounding 95% of people. Most are frustrated with their jobs, others feel that they are overworked, some believe that they are underpaid. Another common pattern was that most of the blame fell on external stimuli and hardly ever on the individuals themselves.

There might be a lot of major cases where in fact the bosses are unjust or simply cruel jerks or the jobs are frustrating but the question I ask and never really get an answer to is; what was your role in it?. It’s usually well I can’t do anything or what am I to do or most commonly how can someone like me make a difference.

Well, people motivational speaker Simon Linek, one of the world’s most renowned think-tanks believes otherwise – meaning that solution starts and often times ends with you. He states on many occasions that we tend to blame our environments because it’s the easier thing to do than to take responsibility for the direction of our own lives. He maintains that first ask yourself the fundamentals; what can I do differently? What is stopping me from taking action? How can I accomplish this particular goal? Can’t find the answer – search for it. Develop that all essential weapon of knowledge and grow as a person. That is self-development.

Moosa Banajah, an expert in human development and behavioral psychology believes that most people are firmly wired to do the extra work, spend long hours on work that carries little meaning and consider growing their own mind a waste of time. He said we live in age of minds and highly effective. He explains that in this competitive world we live in that is the opposite of what you should be doing if your goal is to get ahead. Instead of grooming your own mind, gaining knowledge on how to make things work, researching the ‘how’s’ to solving your problems is, in fact, the only true way to grow as an individual. You aren’t going to become the next vice president by doing or even overdoing your daily tasks the same way day in and day out. Neither you are going to rid yourself of the frustrating situation by dwelling on it as a victim. It is only when you take action to better yourself when you decide on personal development to move ahead as a person and as life teaches us – it is individuals that excel not people as a whole.

The bottom line that Linek and Banajah are focusing on is the art of personal development. It is a skill that no one can teach you, they might be able to point you in the right direction, but it is indeed something that takes years to develop oneself to reach that next level and there is a huge chance that you will find yourself satisfied with your development as an individual and as an overall member of the wider society.


Are You Seeking Employment?

Seeking employment is a labourious process that can be much harder than having a job. That is why you cannot leave anything to chance. If you want to stay motivated during a job search, you need assistance. That is why you need to contact a recruiter to help you stay on track.

How a Recruiting Specialist Can Help

By using the services of an experienced recruitment company in Glasgow, you can experience better job search results. That is because a recruiting specialist can help you by providing the following:

  • An assessment of your current background and skills
  • Access to employers that are looking for your particular skills and education
  • Help with presenting yourself in the best possible light
  • Assistance with preparing a CV that really stands out
  • Help with coping with rejection

How to Improve Your Results

Once you contact a recruiter, your job search results will improve. That is because a recruiter can direct you down the right paths to take. You do not have this type of leeway if you try to do it yourself. Why should you take this type of journey on your own when you can obtain professional assistance?

Boost Your Self-Esteem

By contacting a recruiter, you will feel much better about looking for a job and it will heighten your self-esteem. Go online now and check the recruiting services in your area. Make this the first step of looking for a job that will make your life more rewarding. Taking the first step is what you need to do; do so now so you can start exploring the jobs out there made created especially for you.


How to Stay Safe on the Job

To reduce liability and lower risk, you need to make sure your personnel is trained in first aid courses. Doing so will help you meet both your work and HSE requirements. The courses that are featured range from one half-day to three-day sessions. All the participants receive a handbook and certificate that will stay in force for three years.

Types of Health and Safety Courses

Some of the courses that are featured for health and safety training in SG1 include the following:

  • Basic life support, including the safe use of an AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • CPR and AED (level 2 course)
  • Emergency first aid
  • Emergency paediatric first aid
  • First aid at work
  • First aid at work – requalification
  • Management of anaphylaxis

Goals of Learning Basic Life Support and AED

Basic life support is a popular course as heart conditions claim thousands of lives annually. In these events, the patient may have been saved if a defibrillator had been used. Therefore, the objectives of a basic life support that include the use of an AED include the following:

  • Obligations and reporting
  • Evaluating an event
  • Managing an unresponsive person
  • Controlling infection
  • Practicing resuscitation
  • Learning the functions of the AED
  • Learning the defibrillation steps
  • Practicing specific safety measures

How to Book Training

This one half-day course covers four hours and typically is presented to 12 delegates. You can conveniently book a health and safety course online to set up training for your staff at any given time. You can also contact the training provider over the phone.