10 Quick Tips to Obtain Your Next Promotion


Everyone wants to succeed and be good at their job. Unfortunately, climbing the corporate ladder is not always an easy task. It can take years of hard work for your skills to get recognized. If you are finding yourself struggling to get ahead or feel that you have been passed over for a promotion before, you will benefit from these 10 quick tips to obtain your next promotion.

#1 – Evaluate Your Own Work Performance

In order to gain a promotion, you need to be an asset to the company you work for. Before you can ask for a promotion, be honest with yourself. Evaluate your own work performance. If you were in charge, would you give yourself a raise or a promotion? Assess your performance and look for areas that need improvement.

#2 – Make Sure You Have the Right Attitude

Your attitude can go a long way towards helping or hurting your chances of getting a promotion. You do not need to be the most cheerful person in the room, but you should have a positive presence.

No one likes a co-worker that is constantly offering negative comments. When you treat your co-workers with respect and maintain a positive, go-getter attitude, you will find that your co-workers are more willing to help you out on tasks and projects.

#3 – Work Well with Others

You also need to work well with others. Develop your team skills. No one can succeed on their own. As mentioned, when you treat your co-workers with the right attitude, you will receive support. You should be a team player.

#4 – Take Initiative

Sometimes, you need to take matters into your own hands. You should also make sure that your voice is heard. If you have an idea that you think would benefit your department or your employer, tell your supervisor about your suggestion.

#5 – Further Your Education

You might need to receive additional education or training to get further in your workplace. Some businesses offer job training programs or even management training positions. Developing new skills and knowledge will improve your job prospects.

If you require a specific certification for the next step within your company, ask your human resources department about assistance with the certification process. Some companies will pay a portion of the tuition for courses or classes related to the daily operations of the company.

#6 – Do Not Get Involved in Office Gossip

Steer clear of office gossip. When you are standing around the water cooler, avoid taking part in conversations that include rumors or gossip. Focus on your own performance and not on the idle rumors spread by other people. More often than not, rumors tend to be mostly false.

#7 – Learn How to Delegate Tasks

If you already in a supervisory position or in charge of a project, learn how to delegate tasks. Trying to accomplish everything on your own will drain your energy. Your work will suffer. If you have the ability to work with others, you should be able to divide tasks among your team. This prepares you for a position in management.

#8 – Volunteer for Tasks

Volunteering for tasks is another form of taking the initiative. Volunteer for projects and tasks. You should not be thinking about the reward you will get for completing additional work. Instead, you should be thinking about what is best for your employer.

#9 – Let Your Supervisor’s Know About Your Goals

You should discuss your intentions with your boss or supervisor. Let them know that you are looking to advance within the company. If you follow the other recommendations and continue to work hard, your supervisors will begin to see your commitment.

#10 – Pay Attention to Internal Job Postings

As a final tip, make sure that you pay attention to internal job postings. If you work in a large company, your supervisor may not immediately think of you for a new posting. Check the company bulletin or memos for new positions, even if they are in a different department.

Depending on the type of industry you work in, working in multiple departments can give you more knowledge and education about the way the company is run. Having a diverse set of skills can help you advance.

There is never a guarantee that you will get a promotion. If you continue to excel at your work and do not feel that your work is being properly rewarded, you may need to think about seeking employment elsewhere. While you should think about the needs of the company while you are at work, you still need to think about your future.

You should set goals for your career path. Set long-term plans that include promotion or advancement. As these deadlines approach, begin evaluating your role within the company. In the meantime, do everything you can to succeed. Remember these 10 quick tips to increase your chances of getting a promotion.

Author Bio – Joshua Berger, the author of this article, writes occasionally on behalf of Servcorp, World’s best serviced office and virtual office provider.

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