Applying to Business School: 5 Factors to Consider First


Applying for an MBA program is not like applying to college for the first time. Many students, when applying for a bachelor’s program, are around 18 or 19-years-old and do not have a family, full-time job or mortgage to worry about. By the time many people are starting an MBA, one or more of those three things may now be in the picture.

Therefore, there are a few more factors that need to be considered when applying to business school.


Juggling course work, a family, friends, job and other responsibilities is a lot to take. Ultimately, some sacrifices are going to have to be made if you intend on adding business school classes to the mix. Make sure to find a program that fits in with your schedule without becoming too much to handle.

A second component to consider is the length of time each program takes. While some schools may offer a 1-year program, others may offer a 2-year or even full-time 2-year option. Talk to alumni to find out how long the program took them and if the best route is part-time or full-time student status.

Course Curriculum & Instructors

It is no lie that some professors are better than others. Some programs are going to meet your needs better than other programs as well, and not every curriculum is going to get you what you want. Therefore, it is imperative that you perform extensive research on the courses and professors. Do the teachers have real-life background in your interests? What credentials do they have? Does the course curriculum make sense to you or are there courses that you don’t think are necessary?

Pay attention to whether or not the courses seem up-to-date with current business trends. The last thing you want to do is enter an ever-changing business world with out-of-date information.

Career Path

Like we have mentioned before, not all MBA programs are created equal. Before you fork out a lot of money and dive into the application process, really research and find out if an MBA is essential to the career path you wish to pursue. While many companies may prefer that you have an MBA, others value physical workplace experience over time spent in a classroom.

Business school should not be treated as simply a way to continue your education in hopes that you will figure out what it is you want to do after graduation. While these schools will offer a lot of opportunities, successful students will have a strong idea of what it is they would like to pursue pre-admission.

Total Cost & ROI of Program

In tandem with your career path, it’s important to really weigh the costs of the program you are considering in comparison to how you expect it to impact your earnings potential. Will it take you a significant amount of time to pay the debt off? Will you get a proper return on investment? Ask yourself these questions before sending in applications.


Business schools all over the country have given much time and money into local relationships with companies, alumni and people of the business world. When considering applying to business school, take note of the location of the school itself. Is it near where you would like to be working? Will you be able to get an internship at a company of your choosing that will help you in your career? Is the school close to decent living areas for your family?

Whether it’s pursuing a program such as Case Western’s social work degree onlineor spending every day on campus, be sure to really consider these factors when contemplating applying to business school.

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