A Guide to Bookkeeping and Accounting for the Small Business


If you are about to launch a small business, there is obviously much to consider, and keeping accurate records is a must from day one. Don’t leave your bookkeeping to the last minute, as confusion is often the result, and once you have contacted Southgate accountants, they can set up a bookkeeping routine for you to follow.

Keeping Accurate Records

This is the goal of every business, with specific spreadsheets that record all business expenses, as well as issuing invoices for payments. The accountant would help you to create a filing system that covers everything, and if you use a cloud-based system, you can key in your data from any location, making it much easier to keep things up to date.

Professional Solutions

It is tough enough to create a successful business without the added burden of bookkeeping and accountancy, and by hiring a local Chartered Accountant, the expert can manage all of your accounts. A qualified accountant can help you with the following:

  • Managing the Bookkeeping – This frees you up to focus on customer service.
  • Preparing Tax Returns – Every business must submit their annual tax returns.
  • Vat Responsibilities – If your company handles VAT, then they must register and complete quarterly returns.
  • Handle Public Liability & Employers Liability Insurance – This can be quite complex, and it is important to have adequate cover.

Tailored Solutions

You might prefer to do your own bookkeeping, and just have the accountant prepare for each quarter, or you might like to use their affordable bookkeeping services, which takes the stress out of the task, and allows you to focus on other aspects of the business.






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