Does Car Insurance Cover Airbags?


Airbags are vehicle cushions that inflate in the event of a collision. Because airbags have saved tens of thousands of lives over the years, new laws are being enacted to require a minimum number of airbags installed in a vehicle to protect passengers and the driver.

Airbags in a car safeguard the passenger from injuries caused by the vehicle’s interior, thereby preventing injuries. Today, even the most basic automobiles on Indian roads are equipped with airbags for maximal protection of the driver and passengers. Airbags are installed throughout a vehicle, including front airbags that deploy near the steering wheel, side airbags installed on the rear, and knee airbags installed along the dashboard.

Once deployed, airbags have to be destroyed and, therefore, must be replaced. You may believe comprehensive auto insurance will help you obtain airbag coverage, but this may not be the case. Find out if airbags are covered by car insurance in the following section.

Does automobile insurance cover airbags?

As you are aware, there are two categories of car insurance in India: third-party insurance and full coverage. A third-party policy protects against damages to the persons or property of third parties. In contrast, comprehensive coverage protects against damage to your vehicle as well as a third-party liability.*

A comprehensive car insurance policy can protect you against damage to your vehicle caused by natural or man-made disasters such as fire, flood, cyclone, etc.; it also protects against theft. Today, most automobiles are equipped with ten airbags to assure the driver’s safety. *

Costs associated with replacing the airbags can be pretty high. Moreover, replacing airbags in luxury vehicles can be a costly out-of-pocket expense for the vehicle proprietor. An insurance policy for third parties does not cover airbags.*

However, a standard comprehensive policy provides coverage, albeit to a limited extent. This is because a comprehensive auto insurance policy does not cover the cost of normal vehicle wear and tear, also known as depreciation. To obtain airbag coverage, you must extend your auto insurance coverage with riders, such as zero depreciation insurance.*

How does depreciation affect your car insurance prices?

Airbags are typically covered by comprehensive auto insurance but not wholly due to their depreciation rates. Depreciation, on the other hand, alludes to the vehicle’s value decreasing over time due to its components wearing out.*

Due to depreciation, the amount paid on a car insurance claim is always less than the vehicle’s current market value: the more significant the depreciation, the older the automobile. The depreciation value is determined by the age and condition of the vehicle’s components.*

Owing to the depreciation factor, you can lose 50% of the value of the nylon-specific airbags. The depreciation figure will also increase with the vehicle’s age. This is where the zero depreciation add-on comes in handy, providing complete coverage without calculating depreciation.*

Thus, buying a zero-dep cover can help when:

  • Your car is brand new and/or expensive
  • You drive in an accident-prone area
  • Spare parts are expensive

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Insurance is a matter of solicitation, it is advisable to gather comprehensive information regarding the exclusions, benefits, terms, conditions, and limitations of the insurance policy. We kindly urge you to thoroughly review the sales policy/brochure before making a decision to obtain any insurance.

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