Evolution of the text message


The world of communication has seen a lot of growth and evolution from the era of pagers to text messages then to the recent Web 2.0 boom which brought to us online messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, iMessage, etc. It was not ages ago when text messages were a rage and was used by everyone irrespective of the demographics. Nowadays, the text messaging application is one of the most basic features on any cellular phone, whether a smartphone or otherwise.

Despite the evolution that it has gone through, text messaging still continues to be a prime medium of spreading information for various companies, businesses as well as institutions. This is so as text messaging provides for an impeccable platform for utilizing resources as far as advertising and marketing are concerned. Such bulk sms marketing services are being increasingly used by many companies for the purpose of pushing their product amongst the consumers in a market.

The use of text messaging for the purpose of advertising provides a firm with the benefit of convenience and a sense of personal touch towards its prospective customers. Not just for advertising, text messaging these days is also being used for the purpose of alerting a large number of audiences over a concerning matter. This technique is mostly utilised by banks, governments and institutions alike.

Big multinationals and media conglomerates use the service of text messaging for the purpose of promoting their business not just in the form of advertisements but also for sending out virtual coupons as well as subscription schedules to its prospective consumers. As far as small businesses are concerned, they use the text messaging services for the purpose of informing consumers and luring them into giving a try to their products which are new on the market.

A bulk sms service provider ensures that any business, large or small, is empowered enough to reach a wide range of customers when it is most suitable for them. They provide for a perfect platform which can be used in organising mobile marketing campaigns which not only help raise additional revenue but also in making people remember a brand and stick to it.

Thus, it can be said that this is an important promotion tool for many businesses. It can assist a business in achievingits target audience without causing any resource wastage. This is why sms marketing is one of the most favourable tools of online promotion between all scales of business in the market.

The five reasons why this form of marketing is most popular in markets are:

  1. Convenience in reaching the target audience.
  2. It is a reliable form of marketing where the text message can be framed beforehand.
  3. The market potential available at the hand of the business is limitless.
  4. It can also be used in spreading general awareness or alerts between the consumers.
  5. It is one of the most cost effective options available for the business for gaining high sales and warm leads.

This evolution of the text message has been long coming and its current iteration has a purpose it is yet to serve.

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