Get Great Custom and Premium Colours for Your Inks and Paints


There are few things more important to any home or business than a simple splash of colour. Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to live in a place that is drab and dull, and certainly few to no customers are going to want to shop there. Nor are employees likely to want to work there. A world of colour is in your best interest from both an aesthetic as well as a property value standpoint, which is why it so important to get the right experts to help mix up the perfect colours for you.  After all, as important as colour is, cheap colour can sometimes be worse than nothing at all. Nobody likes the look of cheap, flaking paint, which is what makes it all the more important to work with a first-class service that is proud to make quality colour their business.

That is exactly what you’ll get with the bright teams at Centre Colours.

Standard Colour Orders

There are a variety of different things to consider when it comes to picking out standard colour orders. The texture on which you are going to plan to apply the paint is the most important. Stucco, brick, wood, and steel are all radically different surfaces, and require different types of colours. They can offer you the best raw materials for mixing up different types of colourful paints to get the type of texture you need. What’s more, they can offer you different types of coating agents that can be applied over or in addition to the colour, thereby helping to “seal” in the colour or add a protective sheen.

The best providers of colour offer a huge variety of inks and paints. All are made from the best, most durable materials, thereby preventing flaking and chipping, and giving your product a more professional finish.

Performance Colours and Custom Colour Creation

Maybe you’re looking for a specific hue or colour that is not readily available. Situations like this call for a first-class team of colour creators that can mix technical know-how with artistic brilliance to create the type of colour you want. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to get high-performance paints and inks that are specially designed to be applied to different types of surfaces. From texture to colour to consistency, you’ll be able to customise a whole range of different factors to ensure that you get the perfect ink or paint for your needs.

Affordable Rates

As important as colour is, you naturally don’t want to break the bank buying it. Thankfully, the best suppliers of inks and paints work to provide affordable rates on all manner of different premium colours.

Get a quality splash of colour with the finest custom and premium inks and paints.


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