Global Businesses powered by Technology


In today’s times, technology has powered many businesses. There are a range of businesses that use technology to make things easier for consumers, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

Take for instance the example of OpenAccessBPO that helps businesses perform better. This Philippines-based company offers call center support to global businesses. They offer multilingual call center services in more than 22 languages, including Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. With the multilingual call center, businesses can now successfully expand in Asia and communicate with their customers in local languages. Their customer support services include both voice and non-voice solutions for customers, including support through phone, live chat, or email. Choosing OpenAccessBPO as a contact center helps businesses increase their customer loyalty. The company also provides social media moderation services. They have a specialist team of moderators that helps businesses in moderating their online community and safeguarding their social media pages from needless and harmful content.

Technology has also led the advent of products and services that are dedicated to specific sectors. Take for instance Outsource Hub that provides products and services specifically for real estate businesses. Among their services is the Virtual Talent Scout service, which helps businesses find the best virtual assistants for real estate businesses. Secondly, Outsource Hub provides helps real estate businesses generate For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads, using their experienced virtual assistants. They also provide a marketing assistance service for real estate investors. Under this service, real estate investors can use the trained pool of virtual assistants of Outsource Hub to support their marketing efforts. Outsource Hub is founded by seasoned real estate investors, who wanted to delegate their marketing relating tasks. For this reason, they formed Outsource Hub, a service dedicated to the real estate investors. The mission of Outsource Hub is to provide real estate investors with resources that will help them increase their productivity using automation and outsourcing.

The use of technology is not restricted to large businesses. Take the case of Hotel Suisse Algiers in Algeria that was founded in 1914. You can book a suite in Hotel Suisse Algiers online from anywhere in the world. This 4-star family hotel has several interesting features like internet access through wi-fi, phones, personal safe, room service and a bar/lounge. The hotel offers all the essential amenities like a front desk for 24 hours, fax, television with satellite and room service. The hotel is at a 20-minute walking distance from the centre of Algiers. Also, it only 30 minutes by auto to reach the famous beach at Sidi Fredj by auto. The hotel is suited for leisure and business travelers. Leisure travelers will find joy in a waterfront, historical monuments and a museum at nearby distance. And the hotel’s proximity to banks, government departments and the new metro station makes it an ideal choice for business travelers. Hotel Suisse Algiers accepts all major credit cards. Being based on a busy shopping street adds to the attraction of this hotel.

As you can see, technology helps businesses save time and improve productivity. Whether it’s a large business, a real estate business or a hotel, there’s some technology solution for all businesses. For More Miami Real Estate


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