Heavy Lifting Solutions For A Range Of Industries


Heavy machinery and equipment has always required precision lifting, whether it’s a turbine that needs to be installed into a waiting space, or a large boiler that must be unloaded, there are specialist companies where you can hire both crane and operator to carry out any heavy lifting task. The modern crane is indeed a very complex piece of machinery, and it isn’t the kind of thing a company would own, due to the very high cost of buying and maintaining a large crane or hoist.

Outsourcing to The Professionals

Obviously, there is a high degree of care to be taken when lifting heavy equipment, and you wouldn’t want to be assigning this task to an inexperienced company, for obvious reasons. Like many other things, working with heavy loads is something that requires a high level of skill, and coupled with all the right equipment, the crane operator must know his machine, and more importantly, its limitations. You might be looking for cranes and equipment in Bolton or Manchester, and all it takes to make contact with the right hire company is an online search.

Free On Site Lifting Assessment

Before giving a quote, the crane hire company would want to know the ins and outs of the project, and often, they will send a representative to visit you on-site, where they can really understand what your requirements are. The operator who will undertake the lift would first want to view the area, and he would always carry his CPCS card as proof of competence, and with his expertise and the right crane, the task would be carried out safely and in a timely manner. The crane operator would be able to determine the best machine for the job, and in the unlikely event they do not have such a machine available, they have a wide network of other providers, which allows them to source even the largest of cranes.

The Complete Lifting Team

When lifting heavy machinery for any reason, it requires a lot more than just a crane and its operator, as there must be a slinger and banksmen, who are there to ensure that the immediate area is always clear of people and obstructions. The banksmen ensure that all passing traffic, whether on foot or in vehicles, cannot be allowed to enter into a certain radius while the work is being carried out, and the slinger is responsible for attaching the crane cables to the load. Any errors in that department could end in disaster, as the balance of the load is critical for a successful lift, and only an experienced slinger would know the best way to secure a heavy load for safe lifting.

Contract lifting is a very popular solution for a company that regularly requires loading, unloading, or specific placement for heavy items, and when the hire company undertakes a contract lift, they are responsible for all aspects of the operation, which allows the customer to focus on other things. If your business is in need of safe heavy lifting, it is simple to make contact with the right provider, and they can take all the strain and ensure that the job is safely completed with the minimum of fuss.

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