Here’s How You Can Get The Maximum Value Of Your Jewelry


People often receive jewelry as a gift from their grandmother, mother, or aunt. It’s possible that the wonderful free-form gold nugget ring she designed and had all of her old diamonds set into just doesn’t do anything to float your boat. You should never be seen in public wearing something as ridiculous as that. Additionally, many women find themselves with a collection of broken gold jewelry over time. That rusted-out antique necklace with the herringbone pattern is all twisted up. They are beyond repair. The rope chain that’s also damaged, as well as the single earring that is missing its counterpart. You are getting the point. There is a good chance that some of that material can be found in your jewelry box.

One further reason people sell their jewelry is that their personal circumstances have evolved, making it necessary for them to do so. We are all susceptible to this phenomenon. It’s possible that you’ve stopped working, or that you don’t go out as often, or that you just don’t wear your jewels as often. Perhaps an unforeseen financial need has arisen, and you might put that money to better use.

It is in your best interest to make any exchanges or sales to the same jeweler from whom you originally purchased the item. There are also certain stores that have a policy in place where they will buy back any jewelry that was purchased from them. Because pawn shops & gold purchasers are frequently known to engage in unethical business activities, it is always preferable to choose a jeweler with a well-established name brand.

Gold jewelry can have its surface damaged by abrasive materials, which can make the item appear dull and lifeless. Instead, choose approaches that aren’t as harsh, such as cleaning with a gentle detergent and water solution or a soft cloth. Be sure to give it a good rinse and let it dry completely so that there is no residue left behind that could cause it to tarnish.

Get Multiple Offers

Have you heard the saying, “What one man considers to be garbage, another man considers to be treasure”? The same can be said for the business of purchasing diamonds and jewelry. If one Gold Buyer does not enjoy your item, it does not necessarily mean that another buyer or diamond broker will not like it. You could take your diamonds to one location, and they might give you an offer of $500, while another location just down the street might give you an offer of $1,000. A second view is sometimes all that is required to bring in additional financial gain. We strongly suggest that you shop around for buyers for the diamonds you need to sell at a number of different locations to determine who will offer you the highest price. Diamond Exchange Houston is home to jewelry purchasers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. We make every effort to pay the highest possible price, taking into account both the price of the jewelry and the demand for it.

Acquaint Yourself with the Varieties of Gold Color

Gold can be found in many different hues, the most common of which are yellow, white, and rose. The most common variety of gold jewelry is yellow gold, which can be worn with either business or informal wear without looking out of place. White gold is an excellent option for individuals who are looking to achieve a more contemporary appearance since it works beautifully with both cold and warm tones. Rose gold does have an antique appearance and, when combined with other types of jewelry, creates a stunning overall effect.

Take into account the Carat Weight.

The amount of pure gold that is contained in a piece of jewelry is denoted by its carat weight. The higher the carat weight, the higher the purity of the gold, and the greater the value of the gold. It is essential to be aware of the carat weight of any gold jewelry that you intend to sell in order to obtain an appropriate assessment.

When cleaned, jewelry displays its full beauty. Make sure that your jewelry is spotless before you show it to the Gold Buyer. If you are not certain that you are cleaning your piece of jewelry in the most effective manner possible, you might consider having it cleaned by a trained professional jeweler. It’s even possible that certain jewelry retailers may clean it for free. Caution: using the incorrect cleaning method might cause damage or even ruin the jewelry. It is best to entrust the task of cleaning the jewelry or gem to those who are trained and experienced in doing so.

The following are some suggestions for cleaning. Gold and gems should never be cleaned with chlorine. Cleaning chemicals based on ammonia are widely used in the jewelry business; nonetheless, they pose a risk of causing harm to some jewels. You should make every effort to avoid them if at all possible, and you should be confident that they will not damage the stones that are set in your jewelry. For the majority of jewelry, you should clean it with gentle soap and warm water, as well as a soft toothbrush, and afterward, thoroughly rinse it. Scratching gold and damaging some jewels can be accomplished with a hard toothbrush, toothpaste, or toothpowder. The most helpful piece of advice for cleaning is to become absolutely certain about which cleansers are ideal for use on your jewelry and to clean each piece very carefully.

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