How To Find The Best Travel Insurance For Business Travelers


A business tour can be entertaining and exciting. Seeing that international business deals are successful is great news for most companies. If you are travelling for business, you can get additional protection with a business travel insurance coverage*.

If you are travelling for business and are still wondering why you should buy travel insurance, then here are some benefits that may convince you –

1) Trip cancellation: You can file a claim to recover your pre-paid, non-refundable trip expenses if you need to cancel a business trip for one of the covered reasons. The reasons are usually mentioned clearly in your policy. The unfortunate loss of a family member or severe weather are the most common ones.

Business-specific justifications are permitted for trip cancellation benefits under some travel insurance policies. For instance:

  • Important business issue: You might postpone your business trip to deal with a situation if your company or the company of your travel companion is directly connected to an acquisition, merger, bankruptcy, default proceedings, or government-ordered product recall.
  • Harm to business: You might stay behind to assist with the cleanup if your business—or your travelling companion—is rendered inoperable due to damage from a fire, flood, vandalism, theft, or other natural disasters.

2) Travel delays: Your travel insurance plan’s trip delay benefits may kick in to offer some financial comfort if your connecting flight is cancelled due to hurricane forecasts.

Problems like inclement weather and airport crisis are typically mentioned as qualifying grounds for a delay. Therefore, your dinner, hotel stay, and personal care products to get you through the evening can all be covered by your travel delay insurance.

It is, therefore, a good idea to book travel insurance online before the start of the trip so that you are protected against unforeseen losses.

3) Trip interruption: Imagine you’re in the UK on a business trip when your spouse calls to tell you that your child is ill or met with an unfortunate car accident and is now in a severe condition. In such a scenario, if your trip is cut short, your travel insurance would pay for a last-minute air ticket home and a taxi to the airport. Additionally, it would pay you back for any lost travel expenses, such as a paid-for city tour and translator.

4) Medical expenditure: The importance of travel medical insurance cannot be overstated. If you are harmed or ill while travelling, travel medical insurance can help cover the cost of medical care, diagnostic tests, lab work, medications, and hospitalisation — up to the limits mentioned in your policy. A travel insurance premium calculator will tell you the premium amount you would need to pay for a policy that covers your medical expenses on a business trip.

5) Baggage protection: Baggage insurance can compensate you for the contents within your suitcase if your luggage is stolen, lost or destroyed.

Your belongings outside of your suitcase may also be covered by baggage insurance. So, if your cell phone is stolen from your pocket, you may claim that loss.

The plan that provides all or most of the above-mentioned coverage is better than the other.

Whether you are on a pleasure or business trip, it is always advisable to purchase travel insurance right after you book your tickets. This will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of benefits.

*Standard T&C Apply.

“As Insurance is a matter of solicitation its recommended to obtain complete information about the exclusions, benefits, terms & conditions and limitations of the insurance. Kindly carefully go through the sales policy/brochure before opting for any Insurance.”

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