Picking the Right Tax Accountant for your Business


The tax season is the perfect time to hire a great CPA to advise and prepare your tax return. If you already have a CPA, you may want to evaluate whether they are an asset to your business and fully addressing your business’ current and future needs. Hiring a tax accountant Athens GA is especially important if you have a complicated business tax situation.

Tax Accountant

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant

A great accountant can help you save money and prevent costly mistakes. They ensure you don’t’ waste your valuable time managing your finances. Whether you are hiring an expert to file your taxes or do year-round bookkeeping, an accountant will save you from making costly mistakes that could derail the growth of your business.

Furthermore, an experienced accountant can also help you pick the right business structure and accounting method. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine what your legal structure should look like. Your options include limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorship or traders. Also, your accountant helps you decide the kind of accounting method to use. Often, new organizations use this method for recording revenue and expenses when making payments. But, the IRS may require the use of accrual accounting if your business sells a product or have inventory.

How to Choose an Accountant

There are many accountants out there and you must choose the right one for your business to avoid headaches later. The tips below can help you make your final decision:

·  Get referrals. Referrals can be a great way to find a trusted and reputable accountant. Consider asking family, friends, and other business owners to get valued information like how to hire and how not to hire as well as the pricing models.

·  Consider a local accounting firm. Reputable local accounting firms can give your taxes an added advantage. These firms can help you with both federal and state tax returns, so you can maximize your saving and avoid overpaying.

·  Ask the right questions. When meeting with an accountant, ask about the kinds of licenses or designations they have and their experience. Ensure to know how long they have been in business and their specialties. Also, you must ask about their fees and how long it will take to get your taxes done.

Moreover, it is important to ask about their communication style. Keep in mind that communication is key in any relationship, including one with your possible accountant. Ask about how your interactions with them would like. Even if you differ in communication preferences, make sure you can meet in the middle.

·  Consider their personality. Finding a certified person is just half the battle. You must also pick an accountant who has a personality you are comfortable with. Choose an experienced accountant who can break down complex details and help you understand them. They should give timely responses. Remember that you will be giving a stranger access to all of your personal and business information, so trust your gut. Ensure the accountant has a solid reputation to maintain because this ensures they won’t mess with your business.

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