The Risks Of Not Using Encryption Whilst Working From Home


After the pandemic hit, many companies opted for the work from home option for the employees to avoid any kind of health issues. But, work from home comes with a lot of threats, especially if you ignore the importance of using encryption, and here are a few of them.

Manipulation of VPN by hackers

It is important to understand that VPN has become an integral part of businesses and offices these days, and it also helps in extending encrypted networks, especially to homes. But, it has been found that home networks mostly contain malware as well as compromised hardware that support hacking of the important information. It has become one of the common threats when it comes to working from home. You should give importance to some of the crucial facts like compromised identity and machine when it comes to behavioural base lining as it will let the hackers know about your VPN.

The result will be quite dangerous since the hackers will take away all the necessary information. Due to this reason, using encrypted messenger is one of the best options since you will not have to face many difficulties with information exchange. Encrypted messengers are quite useful since it keeps all the information protected at all times.

Chances of information misuse

After the COVID situation became a pandemic issue, work from becoming the only option, and hackers have been misusing this weakness. It has been found that hackers have made a mobile application, which is a major threat. Also, the app even claims that it is an app of WHO. Any common person will think that the app is useful and is a legit World Health Organization app. When working from home, if you install the app, unknowingly you will also download Cerberus banking Trojan.

It is one of the most threatening viruses, which steals away all the confidential data. Not using encryption or encrypted messenger when working from home will make your system as well as the important company data vulnerable. As a result, hackers will be able to misuse the data and even sell it to other companies posing security threats.

Lack of compliance

Compliance plays a significant role when it comes to businesses, and every IT company should agree with the insurance, industry restrictions, as well as legal restrictions and know about the different ways of handling important data. Working from home increases the chances of threat and even lack of compliance. As a result, storing data might become a threat to your company.

Hence, these are some of the risks of ignoring encryption that you might face, especially if you are working from home.

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