What Level of Security Does My Business Premises Need


This is a question that many business owners have asked, and with so many products on the market, it can seem next to impossible to make the right choices. This is one of the reasons why the UK has an independent body called the Loss Prevention Board (LPB) that tests security doors under strict conditions and certifies them accordingly. In order to make the right choices when purchasing steel security doors and screening, it is important to know the terminology, and more importantly, what each level means.

Testing Conditions

The LPB issues Loss Prevention Standards that range from LPS 1-8, and for most businesses, SR4 security doors are more than adequate, which would repel any determined attempt at forced entry using a range of tools. Each level is tested using a set of specific variables, and the technicians use a variety of approaches to try to force entry.

Ongoing Testing

LPS is an ongoing facility, and the current listing is 1175, which in itself, has 8 separate levels, from A – G and any steel roller shutter doors, for example, would be to this standard, which is ideal for most businesses. As time goes by, the standards are constantly updated, and are widely accepted in the UK and Europe as being acceptable, and any security products without this certification should be avoided, as there is no guarantee that the unit will, in fact, be up to the task.

Security Rating (SR)

There are a total of 8 levels, with SR 8 being the highest level of security and SR 1 the lowest. Even SR1 has been through rigorous testing, although the methods and tools used are basic, and with SR3 being the most common certification, this would repel a determined attempt using a wide range of approaches and tools.

Specialist Advice

Rather than buy something unsuitable for the intended use, it is wiser to consult the experts, and there are online suppliers of SR rated security products, and if you give them the details of your business, they can make an accurate assessment of the type of doors you require. If you would like to discuss your security needs with an expert, simply Google “security rated steel doors” and this should bring up a list of established suppliers.

Customised solutions

No two buildings are identical, and very often, a tailored solution is required. It might be an entrance to a pump house or boiler room that also needs to be well ventilated, and with security rated louvre sections, one can create a doorway that offers a high level of security and ample ventilation. Security is not something you can afford to compromise, and by using a top quality product that is specifically designed to withstand a determined attempt at forced entry, you are doing everything in your power to protect your business.

LPS are a vital addition to the field of commercial security, and the certification is widely recognised as being accurate, and when you are looking for security doors, make sure they are LPS certified or SR rated.

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