Winning Your Pedestrian Accident Case by Proving Negligence


Pedestrians are exposed to various kinds of road hazards including negligent motorists. Those who have been injured in traffic accidents can file civil lawsuits to recover compensation from the responsible parties. If you are one of these victims, you may want to work with a pedestrian accident attorney who will help you find evidence to support your injury claim. 

How Negligence Can Result in Pedestrian Accidents

Some motorists and bicyclists may not pay attention to the road. When this happens, pedestrians can be hit and seriously injured or killed. This negligence is the main cause of pedestrian accidents in Portland and across the country. Common examples of negligence that can lead to these accidents include distracted driving, drunk driving, opening parked car doors into pedestrians, speeding, riding a bicyclist in non-designated areas, a failure of a driver to stop at red lights, and more. 

Proving Negligence After a Pedestrian Accident

Often, accident and injury claims are based on the argument that a party’s negligence caused the injury of another. Injured pedestrians who filed injury claims must prove that another party was negligent and this negligence made them suffer an injury. Pedestrians can be injured by another pedestrian, a bicyclist, and a vehicle driver. 

Damages that You Can Recover

Damages are the economic and non-economic losses accident victims suffer because of another party’s negligence, inactions, or wrongful actions. Because each case is unique, there is no way to determine the damages you can recover after your accident. Also, your lawyer cannot determine the exact value of your claim without examining the specifics of your case. As a victim of a pedestrian accident, you can recover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost or reduced earning capacity, pain and suffering, and counseling for mental health problems. 

Although you cannot undo the challenges that your accident has brought upon you, a personal injury claim can let you get compensation for obtaining medical treatment and keeping up with everyday expenses and bills while you recover from your injuries. Also, the compensation can offer a sense of justice and help make sure the same events won’t happen again in the future. 

You need to hire a lawyer who has the right experience. The best attorney is often associated with a law firm that has recovered millions of dolls for its clients. Ensure you work with an attorney who focuses on maximizing your claim and offers free initial consultation. 

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