Your Source for Conventional and Customised Commercial Flooring


Whether you are looking for a traditional or bespoke floor, your flooring suppliers will have access to the widest variety of material options, all excellent quality, which includes special floors for rooms with certain operations.

Once you have an idea, your flooring suppliers are standing by and ready to get started on your brand-new floor.

Get a Free Quote

Typically, these services begin with a free site visit and quote, which allows you to assess the company and find what’s right for you completely risk-free.

What Kind of Floor Are You Looking for?

To more accurately meet the needs of your commercial building, your commercial flooring suppliers in Halifax house a variety of flooring with additional manufacturer connections that allow you to create custom designs.

Other flooring may include the following:

  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Carpet
  • Carpet tiles
  • Bespoke flooring

Given the varying nature of commercial buildings, you should also find flooring for specific areas such as kitchens or gymnasiums, including:

  • Safety flooring
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Slip-resistant finishes
  • Hygienic solutions

Whether you operate a hospital, a nursing home, or a nightclub, you want to know that your flooring suppliers can accommodate your specific needs.

After the Install

You also want the comfort of knowing you are taken care of after the install and as experts in flooring, your suppliers are ready to return at any moment to service and repair your floor, offer technical and cleaning advice, and fix your unique issues for total customer satisfaction.


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