5 Tips to Make Your Small-Medium Business Website Great


A functional website is a handy marketing tool for any business. It showcases your products and services to a wide range of clients, making it easy to boost sales and improve brand recognition. If you run a small-medium enterprise, you can be sure to face stiff competition from grand companies, and you should be smart enough to draw the right customers. Your website should be your number one strategy for winning the hearts of prospective buyers. How can I design a great website for my business?

Check out tips to guide you:

1. Make it search engine friendly

If your website appears high on search engines, it becomes easier for clients to spot your goods and services. Therefore, optimizing your website for search engines should be your priority.

What does this involve? Title tags, meta descriptions, headlines, picture titles, and image alt language should all be descriptive. To let search engines know what topics are covered on your site, you should include relevant keywords on the pages.

2. Optimize for mobile

Most people use their mobile phones when shopping, and optimizing your site for mobile will go a long way. If unsure how to do this, seek help from the Fanatically Digital team to optimize your website for mobile and enjoy more leads.

Besides, customers stay on the site longer when they enjoy a better user experience. Search engines interpret this as evidence of the value and relevance of your material, which could improve your ranking.

3. Create sitemaps

Sitemaps improve indexing outcomes by making each page on your website easier for search engines to find. However, they also give your website visitors information logically, which may be very helpful in helping them make informed decisions throughout their shopping experience. You should have a page for each revenue source and location for the best outcomes.

4. Prominently display your contact info

Indicating your contact information will encourage individuals to contact you via phone, email, in-person visits, etc. For local SEO techniques, consistent contact information is also crucial. Your website is more likely to be viewed by locals searching for a company like yours since search engines can connect you to that region. Your financial situation will increase due to this.

5. Improve load time

Users will less likely stay on your business website if it takes longer to load; this is how you lose clients to your competitors. Your bounce rate may spike if the load time is more than a few seconds, losing many website visitors. To avoid this, minimize your use of motion and music, minimize flash, and compress your image assets.

Benefits of a great website

Having a great website that is highly ranked is much beneficial in various ways. These are;

Reaching new clients

The main advantage of a quality website is that it gives customers and potential clients another way to find your business. A quality website demonstrates professionalism and offers clients and prospects a simple method to interact with and promote your company online.

Fast track communication

A superb website may facilitate two-way communication, which is a huge advantage. Through media platforms and your contact form, website visitors may quickly provide a review of your site and marketing efforts.


There are multiple approaches to building a fantastic website. The above ideas will give you better chances of higher rankings and conversions.

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