7 tricks to refurbish your house cheaper

Most of the time, renovations are quite expensive, especially when you want to remodel your entire house. However, the changes do not have to be dramatic for your home to look fresh and different. It is enough to resort to some effective and accessible tricks, through which to give life to the interior design.

Here’s what you can do to renovate your home with minimal financial investment!

1. Change interior decorations

Did you know that the overall look of any room can change significantly just by changing the decorations?

Take the living room as an example. If you currently use paintings, statuettes and decorative pillows, try to get out of this pattern and find new, surprising elements. Use shelves, scented candles and flower vases. The atmosphere will change instantly, with a minimum of effort!

2. Add a colored wallpaper

If all the walls in your house are painted in neutral shades, maybe it’s time to make a change. Wallpaper is an excellent method and easy to implement.

You do not need to install wallpaper everywhere, but only in key areas, such as on one of the walls of the living room or bedroom. Opt for bold prints that radically change the look of the room!

3. Replace a piece of furniture

If you want to make a slightly larger change and you are willing to invest an average amount, you can buy a new piece of furniture for one of the rooms.

For example, you can find kitchen furniture online at a great price, which you can integrate into your room design. Your kitchen will look fresh, even if you haven’t done major renovations, you’ve just changed a closet or table!

4. Rethink the lighting system

The light in a room greatly influences the appearance and atmosphere. Therefore, if you have only one sconce or chandelier in each room, try to bring more diversity, with the help of additional lamps and lamps placed on bedside tables or on the wall.

You can also bring the living room back to life by installing spotlights or LED strips in strategic areas, such as on the ceiling or behind the shelves.

5. Move objects from one room to another

Here’s an ingenious idea for which you don’t need an extra budget! All you have to do is think innovatively and look for creative solutions.

For example, if you have a shelf with many books in your bedroom, maybe it’s time to show them off. Mount a few shelves in the living room and place the books there, depending on the color and size of the spine. You will get a chic, unique and truly charming design!

6. Buy a new rug

Never underestimate the power of a new rug or carpet! This element, so simple, can change the look of an entire room.

Thus, if you feel the need for a change in your bedroom, give up the small rugs next to the bed, in favor of an elegant carpet, in another shade. If, so far, you have opted for neutral options, choose a bolder tone that matches the style of the room just as well.

7. Change curtains and drapes

If you do not want to change the carpets, try to make changes to the curtains and drapes. They greatly influence the design of the rooms, whether it is the living room, bedroom or children’s room.

You don’t have to make radical changes or go from pastel shades to black, but just find new textures, different combinations of materials and prints. If you have always had plain curtains, try to integrate floral or geometric patterns, and add a single color to the patterned curtains. If you need a professional team for refurbishing your house, search for Robert’s 21st Century Design.

As you can see, design changes don’t always have to be grand. Even small details can bring a new atmosphere, fresh air and a stylish note!

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