Shipping Blogs: Beginner’s Guide for all shipment related queries


A wise trader is one who knows his way around the international industry to keep the ship sailing! It is a vast chain of activities that lead to a successful shipment, and every beginner must know about the importance of each loop in it. Yes, the primary idea is to take consignments, complete the documentation process, and let it sail to the owner.

But the practical method includes a lot of tasks and conventional challenges that a trader can face, only if he knows everything about the industry! And shipping blogs make this understanding process an easy and convenient one for every reader. Let us go through the customary queries related to shipments faced by every budding trader.

General Queries Related To Freight Shipments

Budding traders come up with issues and questions that are common-to-all and yet not discussed much in the business. Here we discuss some of the most common queries that shippers face while trying to understand their way around in the international market.

Which Container Is Better – FCL or LCL?

The right type of container depends upon a couple of things. One should go for FCL (Full Container Load) containers if there is a bulk cargo. But it is best to go for the LCL (Less than Container Load) containers if the size is small and it is a lightweight cargo. Booking the container beforehand and managing the inventory is also a part of the booking process. One should go through the market rates and choose the best service they find.

How To Book Containers Online?

The online container booking process is well-explained in informative shipping blogs. One has two options; choose the online services of a well-known shipping company or book through the official websites of the container companies. The most commonly available in India happen to be the CMA-CGM, Maersk, Hapag, OOCL, etc.

The booking process is simple. One just needs to enter the shipping bill and B/L numbers, select the type and size of the container, mention the port of shipment and other information. It just takes a few minutes to book the containers, but one must be accurate with the details.

Which Are The Most Important Shipping Documents?

Shortlisting the most important shipping document can be a tricky thing as there are a dozen of them! Every document is linked to the other and plays a crucial part in successful documentation. However, the shipping bill, the commercial invoice and the Bill of Lading are a part of every step that leads the cargo to the importer. One should read shipping blogs to know everything about their elements and usage.

How To Get The Customs Clearance?

The customs clearance is a crucial part of the entire shipping process that goes both ways. An exporter cannot sail the cargo to another country without the clearance neither can the importer receive them without the same. Traders have to hire CHAs (Custom House Agents) to get through the paperwork, which involves a bunch of legal paperwork.

How To Use The Container Tracking System?

Technology has made international communication and container tracking process so easy and convenient. Most of the leading shipping companies offer a tracking facility to help exporters and importers know about the whereabouts of their cargo. This facility saves the parties involved from a lot of chaos and stress. Traders can track their cargo anytime using their smartphone through the online portals or the mobile applications offered by the companies.

Shipping blogs are interesting, detailed and informative of everything one needs to know about the shipping industry. For precise knowledge read similar information here. From initiating the shipping contract to completing the freight shipment process, get to understand all the nitty-gritty conveniently.

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