Will You Benefit from a Robo Advisor?


Robo advisors are highly useful tools that benefit many people. However, that doesn’t mean they’re good for absolutely everybody. There are certain factors that you must consider before going ahead with any plans. Take a look!

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1 – Account Options

Not all Robo advisors will take on personal accounts. Some are set up for businesses, some for trusts, and so on. Make sure you check what type of accounts you can use before selecting a Robo advisor.

2 – Investment Requirements

The majority of Robo advisors actually require very little minimum spend. Typically, this is around $500; sometimes a little less. That being said, there are also higher-end Robo advisors that require closer to $5000 for you to get started. Make sure you choose one that fits your investment goals adequately.

3 – Portfolio Requirements

When you work with a Robo advisor, it requires you to answer certain questions in order to determine the style of investment that you would prefer. These questions range from quite simple to aggressive answers. It is highly important that you answer these questions well as you may end up investing in a much fiercer way than you intended.

If you do not wish to provide answers to these questions, there are other ways. Typically, this includes talking to an actual person before setting up your account. The choice is yours.

4 – Investment Options

Robo advisors gain investment knowledge through low-cost exchange-traded funds or ETFs. These funds copy that of basic indexes. You are required to pay the fees for these funds as well as the management costs of the Robo advisor.

So long as you’re willing and able to pay these fees, your Robo advisor will do what it can to get your investment through at the best possible reward. If you think you can handle all this, then a Robo advisor may be just right for you!

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