A Checklist for Starting a New Business


More and more people are breaking free from their salaried chains and taking the plunge into the uncertain world of self-employment, and with the current technology at our disposal, going it alone has never been this easy. Many entrepreneurs run huge online retail outlets from their spare room at home, and with the right IT equipment and support, your headquarters will be equipped to enable complete control from a single workstation. If you are soon to turn your lifelong dream into reality and set up your very own company, here are some essential components to a successful launch.

  • The Right Office – Whatever the industry, or your location, you will need a base, which could be anything from a single room to a small office and workshop combination, and with an online business, physical location is no longer important. Many small businesses rent offices in the suburbs, as rental is more affordable, and with the right IT support, your HQ will be ready to take on the world. A broadband connection is advised, and with a high powered laptop and a hew desktops at the workstations, you are good to go. If your new business is to be located in Surrey, for example, Spectronics in New Malden are the people to talk to, as they can fit out your office space with everything you need to maintain a strong online presence, and they even advise regarding hardware solutions.
  • The Right Product – Service – If you are going to make your mark, you will need to have a product or service that ticks all the right boxes, and by asking yourself why someone would choose you over a competitor, you will get right to the heart of the matter, and if you can make your products attractive and offer a professional service, then you have the basic ingredients for a successful enterprise.
  • Digital Marketing Ally – Without an experienced digital marketing agency in your corner, things will be tough, and with this online environment, it is all about exposure. Unless you happen to be an SEO expert, call in the professionals, and they will help you draw up a digital marketing plan that would include social media and search engine optimisation. Even if you do not consider your business as an online concern, every business must have a strong online presence, even the local window cleaner, and by joining forces with a leading digital marketing agency, they will drive the traffic to your website.
  • Adequate Funding – Many businesses fail in the first year, due to lack of funds, and you should factor is absolutely everything when crunching the numbers at the planning stage. Ideally, you should have enough to furnish the acquisition of everything and also adequate funding to support the business for the first 6 months, without having to rely on any revenue at all.

Add to all the above, an irrepressible determination and a “can do” attitude, shake well and you have all the ingredients for success.

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