CISI Gala Awards 2017: Now Open for Nominations


Professionals within the financial industry are buzzing with excitement at the announcement that the 2016 CISI’s Financial Planning Gala Awards are accepting entries. Both individual financial professionals and UK financial advice firms are eligible for awards that recognise outstanding levels of skill, service, and expertise. All in the industry are hoping that their contributions will be recognised, nominated, and rewarded.

Recognising Excellence

The lavish ceremony is the crowning glory of the CISI Financial Planning Conference. This is a hugely well-attended event and will be welcomed this year by the Celtic Manor Resort in October.

Eight individual awards will be given to both outstanding firms and professionals with the financial planning industry in the UK. The highly coveted prizes can provide a major career boost or positive publicity, whether it is a firm or individual professional who receives them. The awards are also assessed independently and entirely on merit, whether by a panel of carefully selected judges or an independent assessor. There is still time for budding stars of the financial planning industry to make their application.

A Demanding Industry

Campbell Edgar MCSI is the Head of Financial Planning at CISI. He commented on the value of the awards in rewarding the achievements of hard-workers and trailblazers within the industry. The demands and complexity that financial planners must negotiate has been widely discussed. The BBC business section recently asked viewers where they get their financial advice and discussed the importance of advice in financial matters.

But the demanding role requires additional expertise and support such as back office systems for IFAs or special advisor webpages. Companies like offer back office systems for IFA’s so that the office can continue to run smoothly and efficiently. Edgar continued that these demands are often met effectively and creatively by professionals within the industry who should be celebrated. He commented that showcasing achievements helped to demonstrate the standards of excellence required to be successful within financial planning. “I look forward to meeting the winners,” he said.

And The Winner Is

Some of the awards to be given on the night include the CFPTM Professional of the Year, recognising excellent communication skills and strong technical knowledge; the David Norton Award, available to UK firms who have identified key areas for development within their business; and the ever-popular Tony Sellon Memorial Prize “Good Egg” Award.


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