How to Harden Your Home or Office Security


It is a sad fact of life that the rate of many crimes in our towns, suburbs, and cities has increased in recent years. The reasons for this are many, but the result is always the same: fearful and paranoid home and business owners. The good news is that security equipment is now better than ever.

How Should You Upgrade Your Security?

One of the biggest revolutions in home and business security is in how much more effective security systems are nowadays. Digital technology and the web have literally transformed the entire industry, and East Sussex security equipment installers stock many different types of highly effective units for both homes and offices.

So, how should you best enhance your security and what do the various options really mean? Consider the following:

  • CCTV: One of the biggest changes in security equipment is in the affordability and availability of digital CCTV cameras. Digital sensor technology means that the resolution and clarity of even the smallest systems is now better than ever.
  • Connections: Many new security systems can now be connected to high speed networks. This means that it is possible to view CCTV images in real time from the web or your tablet, smartphone, or other connected device.
  • Storage: The affordability of SD cards and hard drives means that thousands of hours of video footage can be stored. This makes it incredibly easy to capture video evidence with very little maintenance.

Stay Safe in Your Own Home

It is understandable that many people are fearful in their own homes due to rising crime rates, but advancements in security technology mean that it is now possible to invest in security systems that are cost-effective and reliable.



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