LOHASLED IDEAS: Buy and use downlights, spotlights, track lights, learn to reach half a lighting designer


Choosing a lamp is an indispensable part of the decoration, some will plan the lighting by themselves, and some will be given to the designer. In today’s home life, lighting is not only responsible for lighting, but also has the effect of creating atmosphere and finishing touches.

Recently, many friends are consulting about the purchase and use of downlights, spotlights, and track lights. Today I will focus on sharing this knowledge with you.

How to choose the lamp correctly?

  1. The first rule of lamp selection: reduce glare and increase brightness.

“The soft lighting without losing the strong sense of domineering”, such a contradictory two sets of words, is precisely the “first rule” of home lighting design: reduce glare and increase brightness.

The difference is that the shading angle of the two lamps is the same. On the right, the child sits in the shading angle area of ​the lamp, and can not see the light source on the lamp surface of the lamp, there is no glare, so it is  eyes, as the saying goes is too bright , but too direct.

  1. Choose lamps with “shading angle” around 45 °

Shade angle: the sandwich between the tangent of the light source and the horizontal line.

Luminaires with a shading angle lower than 30 ° will produce a large brightness and glare to the human eye. One of the criteria for judging the design of a lamp: the shading angle is 45 ° or more.

There is a simple method for human eyes to recognize the shading angle: you can see the product picture or the real thing, the depth d from the plane of the lamp mouth to the light source is similar to the length of the thumb, and the shading is about 45 degrees.

  1. If ceiling-mounted embedded lamps are suspended, the height of the lamps cannot be too high.

If the height of the built-in concealed lamp(LOHAS E26 BULBS FOR CEILING LIGHT) is higher than 10cm, it is recommended to install it. It requires a thicker ceiling. The conventional 2.8m height can be suspended, but the thickness should not be hung, so the height of the lamp should be within 7cm.

As for the size of the lamps and lanterns, I feel that there is no need to pursue large size. The concealment itself is to keep the ceiling fresh, and the delicate and powerful is the best.

  1. If no suspended ceiling, choose surface mounted lamps.

Ceiling, outside of the lamp is exposed, it must have a beautiful appearance. Doing a good job of light, and then doing a good job of value, are high-level lamps. The lamps and lanterns in the eyes of designers and architects are soft decoration. Remember that sloppy, directly related to taste. We have to remember: turn on the light and turn off the light.

  1. Pay attention to power

For tubes and spotlights with a beam angle, the conventional family chooses a power of 7-12 watts. If it is a larger space, you can choose a more powerful lamp.

In terms of “light”, there is no obvious boundary between downlights and spotlights. Planning applications in terms of the angle of the beam angle is more professional than the two terms downlights and spotlights. You can choose lamps with “wide beam angle” or “narrow beam angle” according to actual needs to create an atmosphere.

  1. Choose brand lamps with stable light quality

The lamp has too much light quality. It is as simple as those people seeing advocating Samsung CREE lamp beads on the full screen. Consumers are also making lamps. As long as they can choose the lamp, try to avoid the parameter party.

A designer said that the page visuals are done so delicately and consistently, and the user’s photo rendering effect is also good. I believe that his qualities in all aspects of the lamps and lanterns must be good. This is a good experience. There are also insiders who say that some well-known brands do not necessarily make excellent lamps, but make circulation products, which is also a very logical experience.

How to use lights effectively?

  1. Adjust the shading angle, direct lighting to indirect lighting.

Fine-adjust the angle of the inner ring of the dark spotlight, the direction of the light changes, and people appear in the shading angle. Let the lamps change from direct lighting to indirect lighting.

The track light turns to the wall and reflects the light to the human eye range through the wall. It is soft and comfortable, and the direct light becomes indirect light.

  1. Wipe the wall without looking at the wall, control the shading angle to avoid glare.

Indirect illumination differs from direct illumination in whether it passes through the refraction of the medium.

The adjustment principle is: wipe the wall instead of the wall, control the shading angle, and avoid glare. The lamp on the left of the picture shines vertically on the wall, making the part too bright, and the refraction through the wall produces human eye brightness and even glare. The picture on the right does not. The light wipes the wall and the light is soft and even.

  1. The distance between lamps should be at least 80cm-100cm.

In terms of the concept of the shading angle, most people’s steps are at a distance of 60cm. Considering the driven line, the distance between the lamps and lanterns is at least 80cm-100cm. Different people have different senses of light and can increase the distance appropriately. In this way, from the moving line of the person, in most cases it is within the shading angle, there is no glare, and the brightness of the space is not reduced.

Grasp the above principles, consider your family’s regular movements, observe the shading angles everywhere, fine-tune the direction of the lamps, control the ratio of direct lighting and indirect lighting, wipe the wall instead of the wall, you will find that the light will bring you a lot of beauty a feeling of.



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