Roller Shutter Style Doors Enhance a Business’s Security


If you want to increase the privacy of your business operations and enhance the use of energy, you can make no better choice than a roller shutter door made from galvanised steel. This type of door design is preferred by businesses as it is sturdy and easy to operate. Doors are made to measure and can be opened and shut electrically.

A Secure Way to Do Business

When a door can be shut or opened quickly, you lose a lot less heat or cooling during the winter or summer time. Also, the quick opening of the door enhances the security in your company. Besides galvanised roller doors, you can also choose doors made with insulated aluminium or plastisol coated steel.

Doors Designed for Industrial Facilities

Roller doors are also available in fire-rated designs as well as in three-phase styles. The three-phase roller shutter doors are made especially for industrial facilities. Therefore, these doors are often installed in high-traffic areas where they will be open and shut many times during the day. Doors are often heavy and weigh 450 kilograms or more.

This door’s curtain is typically made from either a 20 or 22 gauge galvanised steel lath. The bottom of the door is fitted with a T-section that is also made of galvanised steel. Guide rails at the sides of the door are featured in a variety of sizes and may range from 50 millimetres to 100 millimetres in size. A wind guide may be purchased as well, if it is required.

Doors Operate with a Direct Drive Motor

When three-phase doors are operated, a direct drive motor is used that features a built-in safety break. The motor for the door already is wired and comes with a five-pin plug. Therefore, it can be easily connected to a three-phase electrical supply. Doors feature pre-wired low voltage starters and display emergency stop buttons as standard features. In the event of a power failure, a chain-operated manual override makes it possible to open and shut the door.

Pay Less on Your Insurance Cover

If you wish to reduce your business’s liability, you may also be interested in a roller door that is fire rated. Rolling shutter type doors that resist the effects of fire for as long as four hours are available. The door can be made to fit an opening as large as seven metres wide by seven metres high. You can have an even larger door made, but it first must be assessed for fire safety. The doors are indeed economical if you want to reduce your fire risk and pay less on your insurance cover.

You can learn more about the advantages of installing a roller shutter door for your business by reviewing the information online. Review the benefits for yourself.

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