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Businesses can often be especially vulnerable to email-based attacks that contain harmful viruses, spyware, or just plain old spam, among other things. Once you receive the email, it’s all too easy for these damaging programs to access your computer and give you a whole world of problems.

Above all else, these things are just a massive inconvenience that is often unpredictable and having to sift through spam messages can reduce productivity. While there is plenty of anti-spam and anti-virus software out there, you will see that many of them have taken on a different form, meaning that rather than downloading the software directly into your system, the program is hosted and managed elsewhere, which is beneficial in a number of ways.

How Does it Work?

A lot of anti-spam software requires you to make changes to your computer’s hardware but cloud-based or hosted anti-spam software essentially exists independent of your personal computer, positioned in between your mailing infrastructure and the Internet itself, which eliminates spam before it even reaches your inbox.

The hosted anti-spam software scans all incoming messages and filters out spam messages and other mail with harmful attachments such as viruses and spyware. This technology provides you with the ultimate protection with minimal effort.

Additional Self-Management

While not always a feature, Mailcleaner, for example, allows you to review and manage all messages that have been cast away and quarantined by the software. This tool allows you to see which messages are being blocked but it also ensures that you don’t miss any genuine emails that have been targeted by the system.

What Do They Block?

This anti-spam software sets out to block everything such as newsletters, other spam emails, and anything containing what looks to be a harmful program. They attempt to keep up with the latest trends in scamming techniques to better filter out even the most strategically designed emails. You can also configure this software and choose to block or not to block certain things.

Tailored Services

Your software providers understand the varying nature of every business and offer solutions specifically designed for your institution. Whether it be a small business, a large company, or a university, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

The tightened security and handling capabilities of these programs make them an excellent choice for universities or government buildings that receive a large amount of traffic and educational institutions often receive major discounts.

Cloud-based anti-spam software also allows you to manage multiple domains per server and is an extremely flexible solution for ISPs and ASPs as well. As technology in spamming and scamming gets better, you should aim to acquire the best technologies designed for keeping those things away from you.

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