What is an Answering Service and how is It Beneficial for a Small Business


Over time a lot of businesses have developed a hot and cold relationship with available telephone services. The providing of easy telephone access to the public has resulted in both a boost in sales and effective communication with customers, but also the need for extra workers to handle the heavier workload.

Companies may not be able to work 24/7, but the phone services never rest and this is precisely where specialised answering services have come to fill a much required niche in business operations.

At the Start

The earlier forms of answering services focussed most of the time on message taking for customers after working hours or on holidays.

  • A doctor or a lawyer would use an answering service to administer emergency calls over the course of a weekend, for instance.

These answering service providers would take any transferred calls from a client’s business line and then provide their limited services as overseer.

  • Any important calls could be transferred to a contact phone number, whilst others would be asked to call clients directly after returning to the office

The World Today

And now here we are today where matters of business telecommunication services have expanded so fast, that the role of a contemporary answering service has also radically been changed.

  • Companies are ‘farming out’ much of their regular incoming call traffic to professional phone receptionists who are skilfully trained to understand a company’s set up
  • Take for example, calls for work references; they can be expertly handled by an answering service which has access to a company’s human resource data

All types of after-hours sales orders can be managed by a specially customised computer programme with specific catalogue information.

A Massive Helping Hand

Now becoming so very apparent to all small businesses, professional answering services can also help them to organise short term cover for a business whilst on any kind of holiday.

  • They are also very helpful in making any company seeming to be much larger than what in fact they really are

The professionals at Message Direct answering service can even be listed as members of a client’s company. Instead of going ahead and having to employ extra sales reps or a receptionist, the smaller business can suggest that callers can ask for ‘Emma or Glenn’ at some pre-arranged toll free number.

All customers would not know that Emma and Glenn are really employed by a professional answering service company!

Custom Designed for Every Kind of Business

Specialist answering services can typically customise all plans, according to a client’s needs. In a number of cases, some paid training sessions might need to be undertaken before an assigned worker is able to expertly command the phone lines.

Anyone out there who would like to further develop their business, should simply carry out some online research and check out what services are out there to make their business bloom!

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